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A ogni casa il suo caminetto, perché ogni stile è unico.
stufa a pellet ecofire linda palazzetti

AirPro System

Risparmia sul riscaldamento tradizionale:
grazie alla tecnologia AirPro un’unica stufa scalda più ambienti, gestiti in modo indipendente!

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Small kitchen? Here’s how to make the most of it

Among the various “tragedies” of modern life, having a small kitchen is definitely in first place. Since childhood we’ve been conditioned (TV should take its share of the blame here!) to dream of a spacious kitchen with an enormous cooker, huge refrigerators and a pantry to boot. Yet real life isn’t like that: apartments (especially in large cities) are often very small and consequently the space dedicated to the tastiest room in the house is limited. A few square metres to contain all our culinary creativity. So how can we best manage this small area? With a bit of clever…

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Barbeque time, cooking on the grill

Can you smell that wonderful aroma wafting through the air? Spring has signalled the arrival of the barbecue season, those carefree lunches and dinners with friends and family. Having a bbq is a bit like a ritual, an essential part of summer, and like any self-respecting ritual has its very own variety of rules and tools. Continue to follow us to discover the many different cooking methods that are possible with Palazzetti barbecues: let’s start with a great bbq tradition, grilling.

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Linguine al pesto di rucola e basilico con speck croccante

Un piatto di pasta al pesto di rucola ed è subito casa. Gli amici che si contano sulle dita di una mano attorno a un tavolo di legno in giardino. Il tepore dei primi raggi di sole, quelli primaverili che scaldano prima l’anima e poi la pelle. Della carne che cuoce alla griglia nel barbecue. Il profumo delle braci, il piacere della condivisione, il ciliegio che sfoggia fiero i suoi primi boccioli. Un gusto fresco e sincero come solo un piatto preparato con amore sa esserlo. Il sapore frizzante e spensierato della rucola. Linguine al pesto di rucola che abbracciano i rebbi…

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Upcycling, from recycling to ecofriendly reusing

Have you ever heard of upcycling? One way or the other we’re sure you know what it’s about. And you’ve probably done it yourself too, especially if you follow our column dedicated to DIY projects. What is upcycling? Upcycling is the reuse of waste materials and objects that are no longer of use, to create new products, with the intention of enhancing them. We are therefore talking about creative recycling ideas, but also much larger projects, such as the revaluation in the world of architecture and interior design. So it’s both the wooden wine bottle crates used as flower boxes,…

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vasi fai da te primavera - idee di upcycling
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Homemade vases: upcycling ideas for spring

With the arrival of spring, don’t you feel the desire to fill your house, balcony and garden with flowers? The intoxicating scent, that extra touch of colour… a touch of vitality and romance that you can’t do without. Even when it comes to dried or artificial flowers, because let’s face it: nowadays not everyone has time (or green fingers!) to dedicate to gardening and floriculture.

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