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A ogni casa il suo caminetto, perché ogni stile è unico.
stufa a pellet ecofire linda palazzetti

AirPro System

Risparmia sul riscaldamento tradizionale:
grazie alla tecnologia AirPro un’unica stufa scalda più ambienti, gestiti in modo indipendente!

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How to repair any cracks in your barbecue

Do you think spring is the most beautiful season of the year because you can use your barbecue again at last? In that case we are sure you have already started to think about cleaning and lighting your barbecue!  Oh dear, what’s that? Did you find some cracks that weren’t there last year as soon as you removed the cover? Don’t panic, we have the right tools to fix them Palazzetti’s special Easy Fix glue In the first place, rest assured that you haven’t been accidentally struck by bad luck: it’s totally normal for a cement barbecue to require ordinary…

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Saffron tortelli with Taleggio cheese, pears and black cabbage

For me Easter is the taste of fresh egg pasta. The scent of butter sizzling in a pan, the sparkling fragrance of saffron, the strong taste of black cabbage, the warmth of melting Taleggio cheese. Wonderful flavours and textures, all encapsulated in these saffron tortelli with Taleggio cheese, pears and black cabbage. A tasty vegetarian first course, perfect for festive days! An Easter-themed table setting (here are a few tips), the smell of fresh, wholesome food prepared by your own hands, the wonderful rays from those first warm spring days. Easter goes hand in hand with violets and daisies as…

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Caesar Salad: how to grill chicken to perfection

As unbelievable as it sounds: there was actually no chicken in the original Caesar Salad recipe. In fact, although the name Caesar Salad to most people means ‘chicken salad’, it is something of a misnomer: the original has been made in countless variations, the most famous of which is the one with the addition of grilled chicken breast. So what is the original Caesar Salad recipe? This is the story. Caesar Salad is one of the most famous salads in the world. It owes its name to the chef who invented it: the Italian Cesare Cardini, who emigrated to San…

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Chocolate layered dessert with raspberries and pistachios

Our wish for this February, the month of love, is that you feel as if it’s Valentine’s Day all year long.  It doesn’t matter whether the person you love is your dog, cat, best friend, sofa, life-long companion, a person you have loved for many lives or just for one day.Our wish for you is that this chocolate layered dessert with raspberries and pistachios is as decadent as you expect it to be. We hope it will comfort you and give you energy if you are single, or that it will be the icing on the cake at the end…

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Grilled prawn wrap with coleslaw and avocado

A fish dish that reminds us of home, with an exotic aroma that draws us to the table. A main course accompanied by the sound of friendly laughter and the smell of the barbecue. That of grilled prawn wraps with coleslaw and avocado salad. I have always loved piadinas, burritos and wraps. Making them and eating them. Making them because between preparing one ingredient and another I wander through the meanderings of the most beautiful memories, it’s almost cathartic. Eating them because… well, they are precursors to happiness. With a grilled prawn wrap in your hands, everything feels better, you…

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Luxury, exclusive furnishings and view for a villa in Crete

Out of the beautiful, white beaches of Crete, in Greece, the ones around the small town of Kissamos are the most popular for those looking for a quiet place to stay, undisturbed by an intense flow of tourists. When walking along its streets one can see evidence of the occupations the island was subjected to over the centuries, such as the remains of the Roman aqueduct, the powerful ramparts of the Venetian walls and the archaeological museum that accommodates memories of the Ottoman rule. A curious fact: the town is still often called Kastelli by the inhabitants of the area,…

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A firebox redefines the hub of a home: a renovation project in Sirmione

Sirmione is defined by many as the “Pearl of lake Garda”: it’s a thirteenth-century village that exudes history and beauty from every nook and cranny.  The famous Scaligero castle, the Catullo spas and the small beaches – that overlook the lake from the dock – turn the village into a much-loved resort for tourists from Italy and beyond. Today’s project is precisely in this small town and results from meticulous renovation work performed by the architects of Studio Ava based in Desenzano del Garda (Brescia), partnered with StageIt, a company from the same area specialised in interior design. Join, separate, create…

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Beetroot risotto with mushrooms and Pecorino cheese

Autumn has arrived and with it one of the dishes I cherish most: beetroot risotto. The aroma of gently melting butter, the sound of the wine as it spits on the heat, the smell of cheese that envelops every single grain of rice with poetry. Every season has a signature dish and for the one that has just begun it can be no other than risotto. Year after year – as soon as the leaves of the cherry tree begin to turn yellow and blanket the garden as they fall – I have fun thinking of unusual and appetizing combinations…

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You used to daydream of a stove that could clean itself. Now you can have Palazzetti’s Self Cleaning System!

No, you’re not daydreaming: our Self Cleaning System really keeps its promises! The stove automatically cleans itself: all you have to do is empty the ash pan. And there’s even more! Thanks to the Self Cleaning System your stove’s performance stays constantly high over time. Cleaning Palazzetti stoves: a continuously evolving process Making your stove easier to use has always been one of Palazzetti’s priorities. It all started years ago with our Speedy Clean technology which simplifies ordinary cleaning operations as much as possible without having to remove parts of the stove or use special tools. Just pull out and…

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The (lightened) return of the 1980s: luxury minimalism

In the 80s everything seemed to scream Go big or go home, not only metaphorically (Who dares wins), but also in the literal sense. The bigger the better was the order of the day: in the size of objects, quantity of furnishings and accessories, in the choice of materials. At times a decadent luxury, rich in gold and fluorescent tones, accentuated modernism or echoes of the Renaissance. As we have said, the important thing was to exaggerate. Something of this legacy remains today, infiltrating year after year the lookbooks of the most popular interior designers and furniture companies. The throwbacks…

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