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Spaghetti with clams: the flavours of the sea

Can you think of anything more Italian than spaghetti? Perhaps you can, but we are sure it wasn’t easy for you to come up with anything else. The recipe we would like to suggest is a very traditional Italian one, more specifically a Neapolitan specialty: spaghetti with clams, a timeless dish loved by young and old. It’s really easy to make but there are a few tips you should follow: are you ready to prepare this very tasty recipe with us? Spaghetti with clams: recipe Ingredients 320 g of spaghetti 1 kg of clams 2 garlic cloves ½ glass of…

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Ecofire® Wilma: the power of heating with water, the speed of heating with air

Would you like all the advantages of a hydronic stove with the added benefits of diffusing hot air throughout the room it is installed in? Ecofire® Wilma is probably the right choice for you: a latest generation pellet stove provided with Palazzetti’s water/air heating technology. A fan-assisted hydronic pellet stove: What does that mean? Ecofire Wilma can be easily connected to and integrated with your home’s plumbing system thanks to a special, standard-supplied kit: the heat produced by the stove is transferred to the water of the heating system. In fact, Wilma’s heart is a firebox with a flue gas tube heat…

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An eco-sustainable home heated entirely by wood

In Pordenone, architetto Filippo Caprioglio has renovated an old family home constructed in the seventies. The project made room for a completely prefabricated property in which traditional living concepts have been totally revolutionised i.e. a new, eco-sustainable house made of wood. An eco-sustainable home: the Pordenone project When you think of a prefabricated home, there’s no reason to imagine a standard or simplified project. This house has a dynamic design in which the central body of the property juts out from the facade, is connected to a steel structure and features windows on three floors. The main staircase, an architectural element that connects all…

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“Paccheri” pasta with Bolognese sauce: a festive recipe

Bolognese sauce is a staple of Italian cuisine: why not serve it up during the festive season?For lasagne or eaten as a pasta sauce we are convinced it will make all your guests happy, no matter their age. For our version, thought up with Sale&Pepe, we chose paccheri pasta, i.e. traditional, huge Neapolitan macaroni. This recipe works well with all sorts of pasta shapes: just choose your favourite!

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What does ducting mean? Let’s take a look at Air Pro System together

Specific functions are required to suit the space available in homes and the habits of the people living there: that’s why we have created different heat distribution systems. Our Air Pro System technology lets you quickly warm up various, adjacent rooms without significant building work by using ducts. It’s the perfect solution for those who want to cut the costs of traditional heating while still enjoying the practicality of programmable operation. Here are a few fundamental guidelines to follow for an efficient ducting system: use a smooth, insulated tube; keep it as straight as possible (each 90° bend corresponds to…

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Light up your home during the winter with a touch of magic

When temperatures plummet and days become shorter you feel less like going out and, all of a sudden, the home feels a lot more inviting. You light the fireplace, cuddle up near the crackling flames and perhaps bake a few biscuits to eat with your afternoon tea. Lights can create a fairy-like atmosphere, especially if you use typical autumn and winter colours. You don’t need to spend a fortune to brighten up your home with style, especially if you follow the latest furniture trends full of industrial style, Scandinavian and hygge tips. Small details that create an atmosphere It may…

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Greenitaly 2017: more green businesses in Italy

What does it mean for a company to go green? Greenitaly 2017, the yearly report drawn up by “Fondazione Symbola” and “Unioncamere” (the Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce) dedicated to the ecological and sustainable practices of Italian companies can give you a hint. The main data collected by Greenitaly 2017 Going green means investing in technologies dedicated to saving energy, reducing the company’s environmental impact or waste production. It also refers to the how much recycled material or resources a company uses. In other words, green practices refer to anything a company does that is good for the environment…

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