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A ogni casa il suo caminetto, perché ogni stile è unico.
stufa a pellet ecofire linda palazzetti

AirPro System

Risparmia sul riscaldamento tradizionale:
grazie alla tecnologia AirPro un’unica stufa scalda più ambienti, gestiti in modo indipendente!

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Solar panels are paving the way to a better future

We’re not talking about the latest science-fiction film or about the forecasts of some visionary: solar panels have already replaced tarmac in many countries. This is still in the experimental phase of course, pros and cons are being weighed up but it is undoubtedly a great leap ahead in the matter of environmental sustainability . The (very recent) story of the Solar Road The pioneer of this type of initiative is Normandy with its 2016 WattWay project by Colas. This is just a 1-km stretch of road covered with solar panels and designed to supply all the electricity required by the…

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How to look after your plants for an “evergreen” home

House plants are good for your health and for your soul, but how can you look after your plants now that we are well into winter? Plants are not new to interior design, of which they have become an essential ingredient: you will probably remember that we have already recommended some ideal plants to decorate your home.Three aspects should be taken into serious consideration to make sure your plants live a long life (and don’t become “still life” icons): their position, their supporting structure and the material the pots are made of. How to make sure you choose the right…

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Mushroom and tarragon sauce

Autumn offers a great variety of delicious foods to delight your palate. Today we would like to present a really special recipe using one of the most typical ingredients of the season: mushroom and tarragon sauce. A versatile side dish Nature offers a great variety of mushrooms: some people are real experts while others just enjoy their delicious flavour. The nice (and delectable!) thing about this ingredient is its great versatility. Mushrooms are excellent pickled in vinegar or oil and used to fill sandwiches together with cold meats and/or cheese. In the Veneto region they are almost always paired with polenta…

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Malibù inspiration for a villa in Sicily

Nissoria, a small hamlet dating back to the 6th century, is located in a sunny upland surrounded by green valleys in the Enna province of beautiful Sicily. Just over 3,000 people live on about 6,000 hectares of mostly uncontaminated nature. Today’s project by Ma.edil sas comes from a private villa in this little village and features the Malibù 2 barbecue by Palazzetti. Malibù 2 barbecue: a modular choice A breathtaking panorama for a marvellous outdoor setting. A barbecue is essential in a context such as this one, especially if it is fitted with all the elements needed to make a kitchen…

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contorni per grigliata di carne - verdure miste alla griglia

8 sides for your grilled meat

How many BBQs have you already had or planned for this year? The season for eating lunch and dinner in the garden is here at last: it’s now time to light your barbecue and dedicate some time to cooking outdoors. A good side is definitely a must have. Choose it to complement the type of grilled food you are planning to cook: will it be meat, fish or a vegetarian meal? The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail. Charles R. Swindoll We sometimes almost forget to prepare a side for our grilled meal but this is…

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Glass jars: 5 original ideas to (re)use them in the summer

The glass jars grandma uses for her preserves never go out of fashion.  No matter whether you fill them with homemade sauce, canned fruit or delicious pickles they are always indispensable. Nevertheless, instead of using them to preserve food, they can be employed in lots of other ways, i.e. for a multitude of inspirational crafts as seen on lifestyle websites or in magazines. Are you ready to take a look at our favourite summer ideas? Glass jars: Mason jars and Arbanelle Let’s take a trip to the past: do you know what the jars we are talking about are really called? All…

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Domestic heating and pollution: what can we do to reduce it?

Our company has always had an inclination for ecology. Protecting the environment, developing eco-compatible products, contributing to make everyone more aware of our natural surroundings: all these are fundamental aspects of our company’s values. UNECE and CEFACD: an overview It was a real honour for me to be invited, in my capacity as president of the CEFACD Biomass Commission, to speak at the 56th session of the Working Group on Strategies and Review of UNECE dedicated to the connection between domestic heating systems and pollution. For those who are not aware of it, these two organisations are extremely important in Europe….

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Don Totu: a secret mansion in the heart of Salento

The heart of Salento in Apulia conceals beautiful, mysterious places that are invisible at a first glance but just must be visited. Don Totu is one of these: a secret mansion in the heart of a small village in the province of Lecce in Apulia. Today, we would like to tell you a fascinating and slightly complicated story with a happy ending that will put a smile on your face (and perhaps give you an idea for your next holiday). The secret mansions of Salento: a fascinating story When I first heard someone mention the words “secret mansion” I immediately…

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Industrial chic furniture: a trend or here to stay?

It can no longer be considered a passing fad. In recent years, the industrial chic style has conquered even the most traditional souls and has once again been confirmed this year as one of the 2018 furniture trends. The popularity of industrial design can be put down to its balanced combination of vintage and contemporary styles.  An irresistibly harmonious design blend. This year, cold metal and bulky materials such as cement are moving out and making room for warm wood and exposed brickwork. An antique-effect atmosphere with a Scandinavian touch mixes with contemporary complementary items in a pleasant harmony of contrasts. That’s…

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