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A ogni casa il suo caminetto, perché ogni stile è unico.
stufa a pellet ecofire linda palazzetti

AirPro System

Risparmia sul riscaldamento tradizionale:
grazie alla tecnologia AirPro un’unica stufa scalda più ambienti, gestiti in modo indipendente!

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Biscotti di Natale al pan di zenzero, perfetti da regalare!

I preparativi. Il Natale. I regali. Sì, proprio loro, tormento e conforto di ogni dicembre che si rispetti. Quante volte ci siamo trovati a ridosso della Vigilia con una lista di pensierini mancanti lunga una pagina? Per fortuna esiste un regalo dell’ultimo minuto che renderà felici tutti, grandi e piccini: questi biscotti di Natale al pan di zenzero. Sono a dir poco perfetti come dono culinario di Natale, e poi si sa, un regalo confezionato con le proprie mani è ancor più apprezzabile. Questo impasto per biscotti di Natale al pan di zenzero è ottimo: né troppo morbido, né troppo…

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5 interior design trends to keep in mind for 2019

2019 is almost here and, if you are planning to renew your home, it’s high time you start to find out about this year’s interior design trends. We have identified five basic ones; i.e. a selection that will look fresh and new for longer than just one year. Minimalism Well-defined lines, just a few, carefully chosen embellishments and well-organised spaces: minimalism is definitely one of the styles to keep in mind when choosing an interior design trend for 2019. It is usually paired with warm shades and natural fabrics, as shown in the photo above. Shades reminiscent of precious stones…

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2019’s greenest European capital is Oslo

What’s Europe’s greenest capital? There’s no easy answer to that question but, since 2010, there has been an award organised by the European Commission that compares the environmental policies and the concrete efforts of candidate cities, allowing objective and stimulating conclusions to be drawn. The European Green Capital Award Have you ever heard of the European Green Capital Award? This award has been set up for European cities having more than 100,000 inhabitants to which a financial incentive is given from year to year which must be invested in strictly green projects. There is also a competition for smaller cities…

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Casa PA: a 50s villa in Sardinia

Modern, inviting interiors where curvy, minimalist shapes are warmed up by the use of wood: let’s check out the Casa PA project and the marvellous renovation work performed on a fifties’ villa in the northern Sardinia together. Breathtaking views, Moorish-style architecture, rounded, organic shapes. It’s not hard to understand why, in the early 60s, Prince Karim Aga Khan fell in love at first sight with Sardinia and with its 50s villas, starting a trend that ended up with the Emerald Coast becoming one of the most sought-after, dream destinations. Thanks to its owners Paola Chessa and Alex Jansen, and to the domECO studio of Sassari,…

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Festive table for Xmas and New Year celebrations

Xmas and the New Year are preceded by a variety of lunches and dinners dedicated to exchanging the Season’s greetings. Decorations and festive table settings have a great role in creating the right type of magic, typical of the last month of the year. So, how should you decorate your festive table? Let’s take a look at some tips to make the precious moments you spend with the people you love even more special. How to decorate your Xmas table Xmas is a special time to gather the whole family around the table, even those members who live far away…

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How to protect plants from the cold: the Coldiretti handbook

Has the temperature plummeted before you could get ready for it? If the plants on your balcony have also reacted badly to this sudden change, you’re in the right place to solve this problem. Let’s follow all the right tips to brave the winter and protect our plants from the cold! Before revealing our tricks to preserve your plants even in the face of the iciest frost, we suggest you check out all the ways you can heat your home. The Palazzetti website showcases a full array of fireplaces, pellet and wood-burning stoves with a great focus on energy savings. Discover…

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An industrial-style home in the heart of the Crete Senesi (Senese clays)

How often have you dreamt of owning a little house surrounded by the beautiful Tuscan landscape? Today we are visiting Asciano, a little hamlet in the heart of the Crete Senesi whose history goes back centuries ago and can still be perceived from the perfectly-preserved monuments. An industrial-pop style home hides behind the Renaissance façade of a building near the centre. It’s a sort of secret building made over in a modern key. The owner, Diego Magini – who took care of the renovation of this family home that dates back to the 15th century –  escorts us on our…

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The autumn table: lots of ideas to decorate it

Fuori iniziano le prime giornate uggiose e grigie, ma anche l’autunno ha i suoi lati positivi. Inizia infatti il periodo più adatto per godersi e vivere di più la casa, magari organizzando qualche bella cena con amici e parenti. Quanto è piacevole passare poi la serata nell’intimità del salotto, tra chiacchiere allegre, illuminate dal calore della stufa? (Se ne stai cercando una per casa tua, nel catalogo Palazzetti ce ne sono di ogni tipo e misura: scopri tutti i modelli qui!) Inoltre, la natura in questa stagione offre colori stupendi. Basta pensare a tutte le tonalità tra il rosso e…

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