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Ricotta-filled courgettes with tuna and olives

A light and healthy dish is ideal on a hot summer’s day. And these little stuffed courgettes filled with ricotta cheese, tuna and olives really fit the bill. They are also truly delicious: try one! Easy to prepare and also great for all occasions. Much like that versatile little black dress which suits any situation, courgettes filled with Ricotta cheese can be served warm as finger food while waiting to tuck into a summer barbeque, as a more formal starter, freshly baked as a main course or by slightly increasing the amounts and serving some bruschetta alongside them – as…

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No-air conditioning: how do you keep your house cool in summer?

Both a blessing and a curse, air-conditioning can sometimes seem like the only way to survive the hot torrid summer months. It’s important, however, that we consider alternatives ways to keep our home cool during the hot summer months. This is especially true for those of us with no air-conditioning or for those wishing to save on energy bills or keen to find more environmentally friendly ways to keep the house cool on the hottest days. We have gathered some common-sense tips and other less well-known ones to help keep your home livable even on the most scorching days. Do…

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How to water your plants while on holiday

The long-awaited summer holidays have finally arrived! Your case is packed, but suddenly your eye falls on the terrace, on those lush pots that you have cared for with so much love all year round and now you fear that they may irreparably suffer your absence. Don’t worry, you’re in the right place to find out how to water your plants during your holidays: ready to follow our advice?

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Outdoor lights: original, do-it-yourself ideas

There are many ways to illuminate an area, whether it’s indoors or out. We have already talked about outdoor lighting in the past, but today let’s go a step further and look at some really creative ideas. Are you ready to put yourself to the test once again on another DIY idea? Today we’re taking you to the garden (or terrace)! 5 do-it-yourself ideas for lighting up your garden or terrace Mason jars (the classic glass jars used for preserves) are a favourite amongst those who enjoy upcycling (you can find 5 summer uses for them right here). By putting…

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Recycling Communities 2019: the race in Italy is on to save Planet Earth

Have you noticed? Something is changing and no one wants to be left behind anymore. After Earth Day and the huge focus achieved by demonstrations across the globe in highlighting the need to protect our environment, Italy is also taking strides in the race to save our Planet. Legambiente has come up with the idea of a friendly competition between communities, local authorities and individuals, who have achieved the best results in waste management. Starting from the waste you produce, to the investments you make for the future; it is clear that change comes from your choices as an individual…

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Hamburger al barbecue con bun agli spinaci e cipolla caramellata la ricetta da fare in casa
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Barbecued burger with a spinach bun and caramelized onion

A barbecued burger cooked to perfection is like music. Its composition requires patience, dedication and passion. And when these qualities come together, they inevitably give life to a dish that releases emotions. A hamburger made with a spinach bun and caramelized onion will generate unforgettable emotions with a little love and attention, ingredients cooked to perfection, and wonderful aromas. So how do you prepare the perfect barbequed hamburger? MEAT. This should be beef, finely chopped but not minced, with a balance of neck, sirloin and brisket. Ideally it should be knife-cut and not with a machine. In addition, to maintain…

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Family Day 2019, Palazzetti’s annual party!

Palazzetti has always been associated with warmth. It’s not only the heat from the flames which our stoves and fireplaces are designed for, but also a more profound heat; that which is daily transmitted by the family and friends surrounding us. We like to think of our company as a big family and that’s why for several years now we have been organizing a day dedicated to all employees and their families, to get together and get to know each other better in an atmosphere of festivity. The event is now more than ten years old (the first dating back…

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