Bolognese sauce is a staple of Italian cuisine: why not serve it up during the festive season?For lasagne or eaten as a pasta sauce we are convinced it will make all your guests happy, no matter their age.

For our version, thought up with Sale&Pepe, we chose paccheri pasta, i.e. traditional, huge Neapolitan macaroni. This recipe works well with all sorts of pasta shapes: just choose your favourite!

paccheri al ragù - ricetta semplice

“Paccheri” with meat sauce: recipe


  • 400 g dried “paccheri” pasta
  • 400 g short beef ribs
  • 200 g tomato puree
  • 150 g chopped tomato cubes
  • half a carrot
  • half an onion
  • half a stalk of celery
  • a garlic clove
  • a bay leaf
  • a glass of white wine
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt and pepper


  • Chop the carrot, onion, celery and garlic clove and fry them together in a pan with 2 tablespoons of oil for 5 minutes. Add the meat and brown it all over, add salt and pepper to taste and then the wine and wait for it to evaporate.
  • Add the bay leaf, the chopped tomatoes and the tomato puree plus a glass of water and simmer for 2 hours with half of the lid covering the pan. Now remove the meat from the pan, trim the fat off, rip it into strips and put it back into the pan.
  • Remove the bay leaf and adjust with salt to taste. Cook the “paccheri” in lots of boiling, salted water. Drain the pasta, add the Bolognese sauce and serve.

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