There are many ways to illuminate an area, whether it’s indoors or out. We have already talked about outdoor lighting in the past, but today let’s go a step further and look at some really creative ideas. Are you ready to put yourself to the test once again on another DIY idea? Today we’re taking you to the garden (or terrace)!

5 do-it-yourself ideas for lighting up your garden or terrace

Mason jars (the classic glass jars used for preserves) are a favourite amongst those who enjoy upcycling (you can find 5 summer uses for them right here). By putting small lights inside them they also make great “chandeliers”! Do you have a classic neon light in your garden? Cover it up! You can make it look much more attractive by “caging” it as in this case, using the wood from a fruit crate.
Pic by Garden Experiments
Fairy Lights (small LED lights similar to the ones used at Christmas) have been popular on Pinterest message boards and Instagram feeds for years now. If you’re going to use them outside, fasten them around the mesh supporting your climbing plants!
Pic by
Unforgettable Holidays
Are you looking for the perfect design idea with which to welcome your friends into your stylish outdoor space? Use hula hoops! Cover this classic piece of gym equipment in dark fabric and then with a row of LED lights. Wow effect assured!
Pic byDIY Projects
Our last idea is dedicated to those who don’t just dabble in DIY, but are true geniuses when it comes to anything homemade. Take a look at this lamp carved into a block of wood for instance. Perfect for more rustic environments, like a house in the mountains or hills!

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