If at lunch light is never an issue, a garden dinner requires careful planning: who wants to eat in the dark? We will try to inspire you to choose the right outdoor lamps to make your summer BBQs even more delightful!

lampade da esterno ikea a energia solare
The outdoor Solvinden by Ikea paper lamps feature led lights and are recharged by the solar energy they accumulate during the day.

Paper lampshades

No matter whether white, coloured or decorated, they add a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. The way you light them from the inside is of fundamental importance: you can choose warm or cold incandescent light bulbs, led lights or – if you prefer a more vintage style – candles.

Be careful where you place them: it’s advisable to keep them at a safe distance from heat sources such as your barbecue!

Incandescent light bulbs

Hung in rows, they are the ideal choice for those who love the industrial or hygge style. The results looks totally DIY but don’t worry:  lots of brands sell ready-made string lights so you just have to find a socket close enough and plug them in!

The Meridiano by Vibia, floor-standing lamps designed by Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal double as outdoor seats and coffee tables.

Multifunction outdoor lamps

You’re not a great designer and find it difficult to plan your furniture? Multifunction products can solve the problem for you!

There are lots of products like this on the market that triple as lighting, a seat and a coffee table. This is a good choice for a terrace or balcony because it gives you all the functions you need in a small space.

Floor-standing design lamps

Floor-standing models add real character to any outdoor or indoor décor with the advantage of design.

In this case, the golden rule is to choose a lamp that harmonises with the rest of your furniture (and the walls outside your house!).

Wall lamps and sconces

Classic or design models, these lights are worth exploring especially if your outdoor dining area is next to a wall.

There is a great assortment to choose from and you can even choose to combine various lights for a very personal look.

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