Spring means flowers, garden barbecues and days spent outdoors. Now that winter is over and before sitting back to enjoy all the spring excitement, this is the right time to organise your garden. You don’t have green fingers and you really don’t know where to start? In that case take a deep breath, read this article and follow a few simple tips to watch your corner of natural paradise take a new leash of life! Sistemare il giardino - barbecue

1. The right outfit

Before even starting to get your garden sorted out, prepare everything you need starting from your outfit. It’s a good idea to wear a protective apron, some strong gardening gloves, appropriate shoes and a pair of glasses (gardening is a pleasant, relaxing hobby but, with all those branches and insects, it’s always wise to take precautions).

2. Garden tools

On the subject of tools, you will definitely need the most common ones: shears, a lawnmower, a hoe, some large bin bags and a watering can (a hose attached to a tap would be even better). You will also need some fertiliser and some new bedders, depending on how much space you have and your personal tastes. sistemare il giardino

3. Get rid of winter debris

The first thing you should do to start sorting your garden out is to get rid of all the winter debris.  In other words you need to clean out all the weeds and remove any dead branches and dry leaves. To get rid of all the weeds that have grown out of control you must dig up their roots so that they are unable to grow in the future. sistemare il giardino

4. Start by preparing the soil

Once you have cleaned the surface of your garden you can start preparing the soil. Use a hoe to overturn the soil, turf by turf. This will allow the air to circulate as well as improve water absorption. For healthier, more luxuriant grass you can mix the soil with fertiliser after which, for a certain period of time, you should water it every day, better still in the early morning, at sunrise.

5. The final touch: plants and flowers

Once you have prepared the soil, it’s time to think of how to decorate your garden:  you should prune plants and flowers and replace them if they are too dry. Your choice of plants and flowers will of course depend on the space available and on your personal taste.

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