Are the standards for lighting wood-burning fireboxes becoming increasingly restrictive? Yes. In fact, in some Italian regions the emission limits have been lowered considerably. But how can we blame local administrations from wanting to improve our health and that of the planet?
O2Ring Palazzetti
O2Ring – Palazzetti
In fact we can’t and indeed we share the view that the least environmental impact is the right way forward. This has always been our approach at Palazzetti, a choice that we have put into practice through a constant commitment to research and innovation. But of course we also keep an eye on the needs of our customers. And for this reason we are with them every step of the way giving them the opportunity to light their Palazzetti fireplaces whenever and where ever they want. Our solution is O2Ring. An additional device that ensures the emission levels of older Palazzetti units meet the most stringent standards of today. O2Ring is an extraordinary piece of technology because it offers immediate benefits to both the environment and to people. In summary: it reduces the pollutants present in combustion fumes by up to 80% ensuring a cleaner environment. It always works, it does not consume electricity because it uses the natural pull from the chimney and, in addition it further improves the efficiency of the firebox. And because comfort needs to be easy and practical, O2Ring requires minimal maintenance: just a simple cleaning, and only once a year. So these are the benefits, let’s see how it actually works.
O2Ring_come funziona
O2Ring – Palazzetti

How O2 Ring works

O2Ring is in essence a system for purifying the fumes generated through wood combustion: harmful substances are neutralised by means of active elements (including gold and platinum) which, on contact with the combustion fumes, trigger a controlled chemical reaction that neutralises dust and carbon monoxide (CO) up to an average of 80%. Since this chemical reaction is only active in the presence of high temperatures, O2Ring is positioned at the base of the flue and is supported by Palazzetti’s innovative VDF® technology, which ensures that the correct temperature is maintained even in critical moments such as, for example, the opening of the door when adding wood. Thanks to this synergy, O2Ring is automatically activated for constant efficiency. So this is good news then, wouldn’t you agree? O2Ring allows all our customers, old and new, to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of a real fire even where there are stringent legal restrictions on the use of wood-burning fireplaces.

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