Don’t call it a fireplace: Palazzetti’s new Ecomonoblocco WT is a real heating system that delivers the ideal climate to your entire home. It features minimalist lines so that all the attention is drawn to the fire: you can install it in a modern or classical and traditional setting and choose your favourite cladding. It’s beautiful, but, as stated in the heading, it’s just as smart: the very high performances of the new  Ecomonoblocco WT will make even the most technological person fall in love with it.

4 reasons to choose Ecomonoblocco WT

This product offers a whole array of strengths but four in particular make it unique on the market.

1- It’s ecological and ahead of standards

WT is a 4-star product according to Italian Ministerial Decree 186 dated 7/11/2017 that classifies wood and pellet heating systems depending on their environmental performance levels. The rating goes from 1 to 5 where 5 is the highest. When you choose a 4-star product you can turn it on at all times even when local authorities momentarily prohibit the use of traditional stoves or fireplaces for environmental pollution reasons. But that’s not all: Ecomonoblocco WT already complies with Ecodesign 2022, a set of eco-compatible design rules that will be in force as of 2020 in the EU and in all EES countries.

2- It heats the entire home

Thanks to the fact that it has four hot air outlets, Ecomonoblocco WT can convey heat to various rooms through up to 30 metres of ducting. Do you want to know more about ducting? You will find an interesting in-depth article at this link.

3- Gives you utmost control over combustion

“Power is nothing without control” said a famous ad 25 years ago. This slogan is just as valuable today and Ecomonoblocco WT is a natural example of this concept. You can adjust the fire to suit your needs thanks to an innovative continuous combustion control system: the minimum setting favours long-lasting combustion while the maximum one makes for easy ignition and a lively fire.

4- It’s easy to control

Easytech4wood technology, which is available for Ecomonoblocco WT, lets you controls a great number of firebox functions from a wall-mount control panel, a remote control or from your smartphone using the Palazzetti APP. Power, fan speed, Zero Speed Fan function (by turning off the fan) and much more: a simple touch controls everything with great ease.

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