Every year we find ourselves taking stock. We sit down at our desks after days of big lunches and parties with friends to make our list of resolutions: lose weight, save money, learn a new language, try to be punctual… let’s face it…we’ve tried them all.

But do you ever think about your home? Maybe the beginning of the year is the right time to start creating lots of good habits, starting with a few useful resolutions!

1. Get rid of the excess (and stop collecting more)

Fewer objects = less clutter. We have also talked about it in terms of organisation: a good decluttering session is the first step to reorganising your home properly. In perfect Marie Kondo style, eliminate everything superfluous, dividing what you no longer need between recycle-donate-throw away.

2. Create a cleaning routine

Due to time spent on work and hobbies we often neglect cleaning, especially when we spend very little time at home or – on the contrary – spend the whole day there (working remotely). If you find yourself in this situation, create a daily-weekly-monthly cleaning schedule, a bit like the ones you use for children: it’ll become a habit in no time!

3. Keep an eye on best before dates

Do you, like me, find yourself having to throw food away at least once a month because you’ve left it in the cupboard or fridge for too long? Once a week, check what food you have and move items expiring soon to the front of the shelf.

4. Keep on top of repairs

The cooker, the washing machine, the dishwasher, the air conditioner, the shower head and much more: keep an eye on household appliances and other commonly used objects, both in terms of cleanliness and wear and tear. This will help avoid unexpected problems as much as possible.

5. Start on an eco-friendly habit

Reduce your use of plastic, optimise your use of water in the kitchen or maybe plant some bee-friendly flowers – it’ll do you good and your home and everything around you.

6. Create a stockpile for the low season

Let’s start with the kitchen: a good rule of thumb is to only eat seasonal fruit and vegetables, preferably from our region. But what do you do if you love peppers, strawberries or radicchio all year round? Easy, preserve. You can do this by freezing, drying, pickling in oil or vinegar, depending on your preferences.

The same concept applies to pellets for your stove: the best time to reserve and purchase them is in spring and summer! In these seasons, stoves remain unlit and the price of fuel often drops. In addition to the savings, there is also, as mentioned above, the stock factor: by reserving your pellets in good time, you will be sure to have a warm and comfortable home throughout the coldest period, without any last-minute purchases.

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