Has it been a bit of a challenge over the Christmas break to keep your house in order? There’s nothing wrong with admitting it, after all it’s been two weeks of fire (and we definitely know something about that!). Well some new year cleaning can come to your rescue.

What with dinners, parties, festivities, the Befana celebrations and Santa Claus, it is perhaps time to take stock. And think about how to spruce up our maison.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t involve endless days of work. But with the right planning, you can have your place freshened up in no time.

The beginning of the new year always brings with it a desire to make a change (think New Year’s resolutions). So why not start with your home? If you normally concentrate your efforts on the bathroom how about looking at other parts of your home that have suffered the strain these past few weeks.

New Year cleaning
Put the shine back into your oven!

Kitchen and living room cleaning

Let’s start with one of the most critical areas: the kitchen. Have you been cooking roast chicken or other foods in the oven? Well, then maybe we should start right there. Even without using chemicals, but using substances such as bicarbonate of soda and coarse salt, or water and lemon. Or simply vinegar.

With the right amount of scrubbing, taking care not to be too aggressive, your oven will shine as if it had never been used.

Staying in the kitchen, it might be a good idea to spend some time on the fridge. Do you recall how when you opened it over the Christmas break you felt like you were at the Battle of Waterloo?

A bit of a tidy-up will work wonders. Remove everything, eliminate any products that have gone off (be more mindful of waste next time), wipe the shelves with a damp cloth and a little vinegar (you could even use a non-abrasive cleaning product). When they are dry, replace the food carefully. Don’t you feel better already?

Let’s not forget the living room! Whether you have a large open space or a smaller area, the sofa is a must. In fact we can already envisage a few small stains that your guests left during the New Year’s Eve dinner.

The secret to eliminating stains is simple: hot water with a spoonful of baking soda and half a glass of apple vinegar. With a cloth soaked in this solution, treat the stain directly (it’s usually a good idea to do a test first on a tucked away part of the sofa, to avoid ruining it).

New Year cleaning
A new life to your living room

E come dimenticarci del tuo soggiorno? Sia che tu abbia un open space, sia che lo spazio sia piccolo, il divano non può mancare. Ecco: già ci immaginiamo qualche macchiolina che i tuoi ospiti hanno lasciato durante la cena di Capodanno.

Il segreto per eliminarla è semplice: acqua calda con un cucchiaio di bicarbonato e mezzo bicchiere di aceto di mele. Con un panno imbevuto di questa soluzione, vai a trattare direttamente la macchia (magari facendo prima una prova in una zona nascosta del divano, onde evitare di rovinarlo).

camera da letto pulizie di inizio anno palazzetti
Ready to beat your rugs and dust the furniture?

Cleaning your bedroom

Your bedroom could probably do with some freshening up too. If the weather permits and it’s a lovely sunny day with no rain, no clouds and no fog, start with your rugs. Give them a really good beating (such as they haven’t received in a while).

And don’t forget to vacuum or to sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda powder (allowing it to work for 6/7 hours and then sweep it away). Dust-mites definitely won’t thank you!

Even a quick dusting of your bedside tables and furniture won’t hurt. With one of those special anti-static cloths that act like a magnet, attracting dust without scratching, you can do a big job in a short time, bringing the shine back to your surfaces.

Decluttering palazzetti
Away with the superfluous


Decluttering refers in particular to that branch of tidying up that focuses on eliminating the superfluous. Jeans or sweaters you don’t wear anymore? Get rid of them. Pots or pans that you’re definitely never going to use again? Deal with them too.

Tidying up your house also means tidying up what you don’t use. But not everything has to be thrown away. There are things you can donate to charities, for example. What is no longer suitable for you can be reused by someone else!

So in addition to your regular spring clean and summer cleaning, we have shown you how, in just a few easy steps, you can inject a new vitality into your home. The new year has arrived and the excitement for a new chapter in your life has begun.

Keeping your house in order is the first step to infusing a new energy into your home. Spend some time on it and it will pay dividends!