Have you ever longed for a wood-burning fireplace that doesn’t just keep you warm during the long, cold, winter evenings but also offers you smart and sustainable heat management?

In that case our new Ecomonoblocco WTX is exactly what you are looking for. Today, we would like to get to know it a bit better with you to discover how it can enhance the beauty and the comfort of your home.

A real friend of the environment

One of the most astounding features of our Ecomonoblocco WTX model is the ability of its combustion system to generate less than half the quantity of particulates produced by other, similar appliances on the market.  WTX is Flamme Verte 7 étoiles certified which is the highest ecology and efficiency rating available.

Excellent heat distribution

The Ecomonoblocco WTX firebox uses a combination of three heating principles: radiation, natural convection and forced convection.

About 70-80% of the heat is gradually diffused throughout the room through radiation, creating optimal comfort even after the fire has gone out. The remaining 20-30% of the heat is distributed via natural convection through two air vents supplied as standard at the front of the appliance.

To heat various rooms, even if they are on different storeys, you can opt for our ducting kit: a radial fan will convey the hot air produced by the firebox through some ducts (up to 4 independent ones) to heat various rooms.

Smart management with the Palazzetti App

Controlling your fireplace can be convenient and easy thanks to our App.

You can set the fan speed, monitor the air temperature inside the ducts and receive notifications directly on your smartphone without even leaving your armchair.

All the most recent updates for our Palazzetti App are available at this link.

Technologies and functions

Our WTX firebox is provided with the most innovative Palazzetti technologies and materials developed for wood-burning appliances. To mention but a few:

  • Wood Combustion Control – This system adjusts air flows to guarantee a beautiful, lively fire with minimal firewood consumption.
  • Thermofix® and cast iron firebox – This choice ensures that all the firewood is burnt, making the appliance more durable while using up less fuel.
  • By-Pass damper – Prevents back puffing when the door is opened by directing the combustion fumes towards the flue.
  • Zero Speed Fan – This function lets you turn the fan off to deliver greater acoustic comfort, letting you enjoy heat distribution by radiation and natural convection.

Would you like to know more about the characteristics of this appliance? You can find a detailed description in our video.

Looking for a bespoke fireplace? Look no further!

Our Ecomonoblocco WTX firebox can be adorned by the customised cladding of your dreams by simply taking advantage of the Bespoke Service offered by Palazzetti’s in-house design studio. Want to know more? We explain how it works in this article.

If you are looking for a smart and sustainable way to heat your home, Ecomonoblocco WTX is the ideal choice for you. Thanks to its advanced functions and smartphone management it offers the most enjoyable and convenient heat paired with energy savings while respecting the environment. Choose innovation and quality with Palazzetti.

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