“Alexa, turn the heat down!” If you’ve got a Palazzetti pellet stove, have installed the Connection Box properly and own an Alexa device you probably indulged in the practicality of voice commands last winter.

But did you know you can have even more than that? Thanks to My Cli-Mate you can automate hot air fan control to achieve the perfect temperature in every room.

Let’s find out more together!

What is My Cli-mate Palazzetti and how does it work?

My Cli-Mate is a small temperature sensor (just 8 cm in diameter!) with a modern, minimalist design capable of connecting to your pellet stove via Bluetooth.

Ongoing interaction between the device and the stove keeps the room temperature constant, automatically adjusting the power and the fan speed to match your settings. What’s the result? Greater comfort and more energy efficiency!

The process can be easily summarised:

  1. My Cli-Mate measures the temperature in the room and shows you the value on the stove’s display.
  2. If it doesn’t correspond to your temperature setting, the device informs the stove which increases or decreases its power or the hot air fan speed in the room to adjust the temperature.
  3. The device keeps on monitoring the room to preserve your ideal temperature without wasting energy.

How do you install My Cli-Mate?

No wires are required: My Cli-Mate runs on a battery and one charge lasts up to a year.

The device is small and lightweight and can either be placed on a surface or hung from the wall using the practical groove on the back and the screw provided in the pack. Are you worried about damaging the surface of your furniture? We have the solution! The pack includes three transparent rubber feet to prevent scratches.

Where should you put it? The easy answer is “anywhere you want”: on the bedside table, on the dining table, on a living room shelf… get to choose the best place for your My Cli-mate device.

It couldn’t be easier!

How many devices can I connect to my Palazzetti stove?

Standard pellet stoves are designed to be connected to a single My Cli-Mate device that must be used in the room the product is installed in.

If you have chosen a ducted stove, you can connect two devices with AirPro 2 and all of three devices with AirPro 3: the temperature of every room will always be ideal!

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