There is definitely an artistic way of fighting air pollution: painting air-purifying murals!

Hunting Pollution“, a one-thousand square metre wall graffiti, was unveiled on 26th October 2018 in Via del Porto Fluviale in the Ostiense area of Rome.

This “smog-eating” mural can purify as much air as a 30-tree forest.

This graffiti has broken all records as the largest regenerative street graffiti in Europe.

Hunting Pollution, the air-purifying mural

The idea originated from the non-profit company YourbanHYPERLINK “” 2030 headed by Veronica De Angelis.

As stated on their website, this company “uses art to launch messages on hot environmental issues and on the relationship between man and nature, advocating the United Nations 2030 Global Agenda for Sustainable Development.”

A team of professional experts on environmental, social and cultural topics work for this company.

Artist  Iena Cruz  (whose real name is Federico Massa) was chosen to paint the air-purifying mural.

Born in 1981 in Milan, he graduated at the Brera Academy of Fine Art and already boasts many international experiences in New York, Miami and Barcelona.

He has been dedicating his art to research into ecological issues for a few years now.

murales anti smog - iena cruz
Foto © Iena Cruz

How does air-purifying paint work?

The technology used is called Airlite, a totally natural paint that can purify the air.

The manufacturer’s website explains how this paint is able to:

  • neutralise odours
  • kill 99.9% air-borne bacteria
  • remove and prevent the formation of mould
  • repel dust
  • reduce pollution
  • reduce up to 50% energy costs

Test results have revealed that 12 square metres of Airlite paint can neutralise the pollution produced by one car in one day.

But its advantages go deeper than that. This technology is also effective against cigarette smoke, bad odours and bacteria-resistant antibiotics.

Air-purifying wall art is such an excellent idea because it combines ecological advantages with artistic beauty in a single project!

Cover photo ©

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