Standard or made-to-measure? Architect Giovanna Caminiti has no doubt about it: a home must be tailored to suit the user’s needs. Which is why she coined the mantra that defines all her projects: “as tailored as a suit”.

The interior design of this apartment in Reggio Calabria, commissioned by a young couple, is based on the following assumption: an open-space kitchen can be hidden behind a large glass door while the laundry can be secretly concealed inside a cupboard.

Most of the furniture, whichis an integral part of the project, is designed by the architect and custom built by local cabinet makers in a host of relaxing, neutral colours. The result? A home that can’t wait to welcome its inhabitants and their guests in a warm, cosy embrace.

An open space to enjoy every moment of the day in

The hub of the home is the large day area divided into three sub-areas: the kitchen (that can be shut away by closing a sliding glass door), the dining/study area (in the middle) and the living room which is raised 15-cm above the rest of the room.

The wall behind the oak dining table is a real multifunctional area: there is a desk on one side of the main pilaster while a structure housing a TV, a bookcase and a Palazzetti fireplace is situated on the other side.

The latter structure has been studied in the smallest detail: for instance, thanks to its perfect insulating properties, fireproof plasterboard lined with rock wool makes it possible to install a bar with bottles of spirit right next to the fireplace.

Why did we choose a Palazzetti Monoblocco 78 firebox?

Our customers had set their mind on a wood-burning fireplace capable of heating by means of hot air and radiation. Our Monoblocco 78 Frontale Easy Line Aria firebox was the perfect choice:

“As well as benefiting from the guarantee of Palazzetti’s top-quality products, I myself installed the Monoblocco 78 firebox in the day area of my house ten years ago. It’s an excellent product that, thanks to its cast iron structure designed to be clad by the purchaser, can be adapted to any project.

For an architect, this is a versatile product that can satisfy any type of interior design demand. I have a minimalist approach that this product is always able to satisfy. That’s why I choose it for many of my projects.

Moreover, the slide-up door totally disappears when in use, leaving a completely free space that lets the onlooker enjoy all the magic of the fire as well as the crackling sound of the burning logs.

In the summer, when it’s not being used, I always suggest leaving the ceramic glass door open and lighting some white candles, of various heights, inside the fireplace to create an enchanting atmosphere.

The firebox’s heat value is just as important. Monoblocco 78 offers the poetry of a fireplace, a feeling of cocooning comfort, the heat required in the winter as well as being totally odourless when in use.

The slide-up door can be easily swung open by using a small spanner; this makes it easy to clean the glass, even on the inside.

Lastly, by adding a fan kit you can heat an adjacent room as well.”

Check out all the product’s features

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Contacts: Architect Giovanna Caminiti – @habitoergosum

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