When it comes to planning how to furnish a small flat, it is essential to consider every single detail in order to optimise space and create a functional and comfortable environment. However, this process often reveals some common mistakes: we have collected the main ones together to help you avoid them!

Lack of planning

One of the main mistakes many people make when furnishing a small flat is a lack of planning: it is important to have a clear idea of how you want to use the space and what your priorities are in terms of functionality.

Before you start, take some time to assess your needs and carefully plan the layout of the rooms, taking into account the limited size of the flat.

Ignoring the importance of natural light

Natural light plays a key role in creating a cosy and spacious environment. Ignoring the importance of light is a common mistake when planning a small flat (and often for larger spaces). Make sure you make the most of natural light, avoid blocking windows with heavy curtains or inappropriately placed furniture.

Choosing bulky furniture

In a limited space such as a small flat, it is essential to choose furniture that is proportionate to the size of the room. Selecting bulky furniture risks cluttering the space and making the room visually smaller, as well as making it more difficult to move around. Opt for a multifunctional and compact design of furniture that offers creative storage solutions and maximises available space.

The same applies to the stove; space-saving models with an upper smoke outlet, such as our Michelle stove, make it possible to optimise even the smallest space.

Too much clutter

Another common mistake is to fill rooms with unnecessary objects and accessories. Although it is understandable to want to personalise your flat with decorative items, it is important to avoid accumulating too many things in a small space. Keep things organised and tidy by carefully choosing the items you add to the room. This way, you can create a sense of order and harmony, as well as leaving enough space to move around freely.

Not making the most of the walls

Walls are often undervalued and not making use of them is a mistake that limits storage and organisational possibilities. Use free-hanging shelves, racks and hooks to make the most of your walls. This will allow you to free up floor space and create a tidier environment.

Designing and furnishing a small flat can be a challenge, but by avoiding these five mistakes, you can turn a limited space into a functional, cosy and aesthetically pleasing environment. Always remember to plan carefully, make the most of natural light, choose the right size furniture, avoid cluttering and make use of the walls to create an orderly and harmonious environment.

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