It would be a real pity to miss out on the pleasure of a barbecue in the summer. The unmistakable flavour of grilled food, the laughs and the pleasure of spending quality time with family and friends.

What can you do if the only space you have to spare is on your terrace or balcony?  Here are a few tips to choose the barbecue that best suits your requirements.

Countertop gas barbecue

Gas plancha grills are becoming more and more popular, especially in urban areas where outdoor spaces are decidedly small. Since it is less than one metre wide, a plancha grill is perfect to use on small balconies or terraces. Just put it on a countertop or on a trolley to benefit from  a mini outdoor barbecue!

The advantages of this product are not limited to its size. The gas plancha reaches the right temperature in just a few minutes and is very easy to clean. It also lets you grill even small pieces of food effortlessly, without the risk of  burns or of the food falling into the hot coals.

We have dedicated an in-depth article to this type of barbecue: discover all the advantages of cooking on a gas plancha.

Mobile gas barbecues

This type of barbecue requires more space than a plancha grill (the Palazzetti models are from 140 to 160 cm wide) but it is still suitable for terraces.

But it larger size also means more cooking options: for instance, the Alain barbecue features three grills, a cast iron griddle and a traditional oven. Just as if you were in the kitchen, or perhaps even better!

It also comes on castors so that you can easily move it when the need arises.

Are you wondering whether this is the right choice for you? We suggest you read the article dedicated to choosing a gas barbecue.

Metal wood barbecues

If you don’t want to miss out on the unmistakable flavour of food cooked on a wood barbecue but your terrace can’t accommodate a masonry model, you could consider a metal one.

It’s lighter than a cement mix barbecue and it comes on castors so that it can be easily stored away in a safe place during the winter.

The ample cooking area lets you cook large quantities of food while the practical worktops are useful for all other activities. Models like Remy can also be integrated with extra accessories, like the vertical grill kit with which you can try out the now famous Argentinian asado grilling method!

Are you looking for a new barbecue? Finding the perfect model doesn’t have to be a big deal if you have the right tools. Why don’t you start by discovering which of the #manyfacesofabarbecue resembles you the most?

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