Modern design and a very innovative heart: today we are presenting our Marianne pellet stove

The 2018 edition of Progetto Fuoco was full of novelties: after having presented Elsa we would now like to talk about Marianne, a new air-heating pellet stove that belongs to the Ecofire® range.

A modern design (with a bit of tradition thrown in as well)

Our Marianne pellet stove have a very modern design that looks perfect in a contemporary style home: a rounded and minimalist shape, nickel trims and a cast iron top.

The real star of this product is the fire, which is enhanced by its double glazing and the mirrored surround that frames it. This detail makes Marianne a beauty for all seasons because the reflections that bounce of its surface give it a charming appeal even when the fire is out.

As usual, there are lost of customisation options: it’s available in six different colours that look great in any context (White, Pearl White, Champagne, Black, Soapstone and Red).

The Marianne pellet stove’s technical features

Thanks to our Upper Smoke technology Marianne can be installed in numerous ways, even where space is at a premium. This technology lets us fit the flue at the top of the stove and, by using a coaxial duct, combustion air can be drawn in directly from outdoors.

Utmost efficiency is thus achieved and precious centimetres saved because the appliance can now be installed with its back flush against the wall. A very efficient novelty that goes beyond its planning flexibility!

This stove also features the technology that has been making our products unique for years: our Quick Start and Speedy Clean systems respectively reduce ignition and cleaning times while our Connection Box – paired with the Palazzetti App – lets you control your stove from a distance.

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