Maida is the new pellet stove produced by Palazzetti that uses water/air heating technology. Come and find out all about it.

Some people love the warmth of hot air that quickly fills a room and creates a cosy atmosphere in no time. Others prefer the advantages of a hydronic product that heats DHW and radiators.

Others still focus on technology and opt for a water/air heating appliance that pleases everyone.

How does water/air heating work?

The new Ecofire® Maida pellet stove presented during the 2018 edition of Progetto Fuoco belongs to the latter category: it’s a technological and innovative product designed to satisfy different utilisation requirements and aesthetic tastes.

New luminous beauty

Maida has been designed to be the centrepiece of any home even when the fire has gone out. Soft lines, an aesthetic door made entirely of glass with screen printing that lights up in the dark when exposed to heat and light make this stove an authentic piece of complementary furniture.

It can be clad in four colour options: white, red, mocha and black.

Maida: main technical features

Maida can be connected to and integrated with your home’s plumbing system thanks to a special, standard-supplied kit that ensures fast and easy installation.

Due to its many standard features, this stove is rightly considered to be a “high-efficiency gem”:

  • very thick cast iron top and burn pot;
  • pellets are fed through a “star” valve that lets exactly the right amount of fuel in;
  • the digital control panel features touch technology and total programming;
  • the Quick Start system reduces ignition times;
  • Speedy Clean technology makes cleaning easier while the ceramic glass has its own automatic air-wash system.

The stove is also designed to accommodate our Connection Box, a device that allows its functions to be controlled directly from your smartphone using the Palazzetti App.

These are just some of Maida’s unique features. Would you like to discover them all? You can request more information or a free quotation here.

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