Europe has started to map its most central green spaces in an ambitious project involving 5 countries – including Italy – and 10 partners: today we would like to talk about MaGICLandscapes.

Central Europe: some information on green spaces

We hear about soil exploitation, intensive farming and irrational consumption of resources every day. According to FAO (The United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization) we have lost about 129 million hectares of forests since 1990.

This definitely isn’t news that can be taken light-heartedly.

Nevertheless it looks as if Central Europe can keep our hopes high, at least as far as natural green areas are concerned.  Out of one hundred million hectares studied at least sixty million hectares of natural or semi-natural ecosystems have been found.

More in-depth studies are required to move forward from these small, initial steps.

What is the MaGICLandscapes project?

MaGICLandscape is a European initiative that numbers 10 project partners in five countries (Italy, Austria, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic) aimed at helping institutions to plan in a sustainable way, promoting the creation of green infrastructures and the protection of natural habitats.

How? By providing information, tools and partnerships apt to aid administrations and companies.

Italy has two project partners: ENEA (Italian agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economical development) and Città Metropolitana di Torino.

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