Out of the beautiful, white beaches of Crete, in Greece, the ones around the small town of Kissamos are the most popular for those looking for a quiet place to stay, undisturbed by an intense flow of tourists.

When walking along its streets one can see evidence of the occupations the island was subjected to over the centuries, such as the remains of the Roman aqueduct, the powerful ramparts of the Venetian walls and the archaeological museum that accommodates memories of the Ottoman rule.

A curious fact: the town is still often called Kastelli by the inhabitants of the area, referring to the fortress built at the outset of the 13th century by the Genoese during their occupation of Crete.

The project we would like to talk about today is located in a privileged position in Kissamos, at an altitude from which one can enjoy an unparalleled panoramic view of the bay.

The Dimiourgiki architectural studio – which curated the interior and exterior design and furniture – talked to us about the project.

The villa is made up of two adjoining buildings consisting of two storeys, amounting to a total area of 210 m2: this configuration gives you a panoramic view towards the north and east with no visual obstructions.

The ground floor – which is entirely dedicated to the day area – consists of just three rooms: a storeroom, a bathroom and a large open-space area that comprises the living room and the kitchen. The second floor is dedicated to the bedrooms and a second bathroom.

Most of the furniture has been tailor-made to achieve exclusive planning solutions. The materials chosen reflect the same luxury mood: solid wood, marble and granite can be found in every room.

As already mentioned, the living area has an open plan layout: the kitchen extends across the entire width of the building and borders with the dining area on one side and the living room area on the other.

Each area of the room is perfectly illuminated, thanks to the large windows that run along its entire width (towards the swimming pool) and its two short sides.

The air-heating and ductable Eva S Palazzetti wood stove, in the anthracite painted steel version with nickel finishes, has been chosen to heat the room.

The structure’s finish perfectly suits the design features of the room both in terms of materials and of colour. 

The stove has been installed in a strategic position of this large area in order to heat it easily and to ensure that the fire can be seen from various spots in the room.

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