A plate of pasta with rocket pesto and we feel right at home. Just a handful of friends around a wooden table in the garden. The warmth of the first rays of spring sunshine, that first warm the soul, then the skin. Meat grilling on the barbecue. The smell of embers, the joy of sharing, the cherry tree that proudly displays its first buds. A fresh and genuine taste as only a lovingly prepared dish can be. The sparkling and carefree taste of rocket. Linguine with rocket pesto that embrace the prongs of a fork, like two lovers who have been parted for too long. They evoke ancient flavours, those of smoked meats that sizzle in iron casserole dishes. Of crispy and tasty Speck ham, bronze like a sepia photograph worn by time and love. Infinite sweetness lies in the hint of almonds that infuses every mouthful of pasta with rocket pesto which tastes only of good things. And I wish it was possible to smell its amazing aroma from the screen but, for now, I’ll try to tell you with words and pictures, knowing that it won’t be too long before you too prepare it with your own hands. The recipe for linguine with rocket and basil pesto and crispy Speck ham is waiting for you below and I can’t wait for it to awaken your taste buds. A very easy recipe for a fast, tasty and amazing first course that we are sure will satisfy everyone’s palate! Basically, success is assured.

Linguine with rocket and basil pesto and crispy Speck ham: the recipe

INGREDIENTS (enough for 4 friends to lunch)

  • 400 gr of long pasta, I chose linguine
  • 100 gr of rocket
  • 100 g of salted toasted almonds (better if peeled)
  • A handful of basil leaves
  • 2 ice cubes
  • 100 gr of sliced smoked Speck ham
  • 4 tablespoons of grated Grana cheese
  • Extra virgin olive oil, salt and black pepper as desired
  • A handful of almond flakes to decorate the dish


How to prepare pasta with rocket pesto

  1. Cook the pasta in plenty of salted water.
  2. In a mixer, blend together the rocket, basil, almonds, plenty of extra virgin olive oil and ice cubes. I know that it may seem strange to add ice, but I assure you it will make all the difference: it will help to keep the rocket pesto a beautiful, bright green colour, by preventing it from oxidising.
  3. Once you have a smooth creamy texture, add the salt and grated Grana cheese; set aside.
  4. Cut the Speck into thin strips, keeping aside a few slices for decoration. Toss it lightly in a large pan with a drizzle of oil until it becomes crispy.
  5. As soon as the pasta is cooked al dente, drain it and toss it for a few moments in the pan with the Speck.
  6. Remove from the heat, add the rocket pesto, a pinch of grated black pepper and season the pasta.
  7. Serve the pasta decorating with crispy Speck which you have kept aside and a sprinkling of almond flakes. Your spring lunch is ready!
Credits immagini: Sara Cartelli



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