When temperatures plummet and days become shorter you feel less like going out and, all of a sudden, the home feels a lot more inviting.

You light the fireplace, cuddle up near the crackling flames and perhaps bake a few biscuits to eat with your afternoon tea.

Lights can create a fairy-like atmosphere, especially if you use typical autumn and winter colours.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to brighten up your home with style, especially if you follow the latest furniture trends full of industrial style, Scandinavian and hygge tips.

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Small details that create an atmosphere

It may be someone’s prerogative but most of us can’t afford to replace a lamp at every change of season, especially if it’s a design piece.

Nevertheless, to make our home really unique, we can work on details and decorations.

A string of led lights (just like the fairy lights on a Xmas tree) can decorate the bedroom and immediately remind us of a small terrace in New York! Make sure they have warm, not white, undertones, to remind you of the deep colours of autumn leaves.

Candles, the leitmotif of winter, are a must. Nothing can beat their warm, suffused light to create an atmosphere, better still if they are scented. How about a combination of orange zest & cinnamon to instantly get into a Xmas mood?

Last but not least, there are plenty of crafts to choose from on the internet. You can collect some dry autumn leaves and weave them together with small lights to make them as bright as daylight;  you can take some Ikea glasses and turn them into lampshades or arrange candles and leaves in biscuit tins.

In other words, there’s enough to make everyone happy! At the end of the day, the important thing is to use your imagination.

Cover photo: LAAB lampshade by Jasmin Castagnaro, inspired by autumn leaves

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