If there’s one thing that can really change the atmosphere of a room, it’s the warmth of a fireplace. But what can you do if you’re looking for something truly unique, that can satisfy your heating requirements and your personal style? This is where the bespoke service of Palazzetti’s in-house design studio comes to the fore.

Why choose Palazzetti’s bespoke service?

Contrarily to most pieces of furniture, a fireplace is designed to last a long time which is why it must be chosen very carefully.

In the first place, you can choose from the 150 claddings on catalogue and get support from our specialised dealers throughout the entire construction process.

Are you, on the other hand, looking for something brand new, unique and customised, capable of being a harmonious addition to your home? In this case you should definitely choose a bespoke fireplace designed by experts with almost seventy years of experience in this field.

Constructing a bespoke product is not just a matter of taking a pre-existing model and adapting it to your needs. It’s a process that entails creating a project that is an extension of your personal style and requirements.

Whether you’re focused on a modern, minimalist product or on a cosier, more country-style fireplace, our team of designers will work with you to create a project that perfectly reflects your desires. Our goal is to create an efficient, functional fireplace that adds your unique signature style to the entire surroundings.

When you avail yourself of our service we will put you in direct contact with the Palazzetti in-house design studio with which you can discuss every detail starting from your floor plan. You can choose all the materials, finishes and workmanship required to shape the heating system of your dreams.

You will also immediately be put in contact with the nearest Palazzetti dealer best equipped to satisfy your needs.

What makes our bespoke service so unique?

  • Many years of experience – You can count on a highly qualified partner that is both technically and aesthetically abreast of the times, capable of finding the best solution to create your customised fireplace.
  • Quality materials – Palazzetti will give you access to a vast range of claddings from select sources. You can choose from stone, marble and innovative technical materials and even from a selection of prized and original finishes.
  • Made in Italy – Every Palazzetti fireplace is made entirely in Italy.
  • Visually inspected processing – Marble processing requires precision and attention to detail. Our bespoke fireplaces undergo strict quality controls to make sure that each product is aesthetically perfect and structurally solid. This attention to finishes ensures that each fireplace is a unique work of art, ready to gift you with style, warmth and comfort.
  • Specific technical features – A fireplace must be beautiful but it must also guarantee the best possible performances including high heat outputs and low consumptions.  To achieve this goal, specific technical features are required such as slots to improve ventilation.  By choosing us you can adapt your fireplace to your aesthetic requirements without compromising on functionality.

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