For a warmth that brings together the environment, savings and development we value the oldest and most modern renewable energy, wood.

Renewing energy means renewing our quality of life. For everyone.

The manifesto, An Italy that Renews is one that we share. How could it be otherwise?

Palazzetti’s support for a project of this kind, whose ultimate goal is to raise awareness of issues related to energy obtained from the use of wood, was essential.

What is An Italy that Renews?

An Italy that Renews is a project promoted by AIEL (Italian Association of Agroforestry Energies), RisorsaLegno, ANFUS (National association of fumigators and chimney sweeps), ASSOCOSMA (National Association of Stove Manufacturers), Legambiente and other associations involved in activities dedicated to the environment.

Since its launch in December 2018, its initiatives have made themselves felt, through amongst other things, a series of informative public meetings. After all, wood is a resource that has always existed, but how much does the average person actually know?

The activities of the project also address this group of people: to quote Francis Bacon, “knowledge is power”. Power in this case to do something more for the environment all around us.

In concrete terms, the project aims to provide an answer to those of us who want to heat our homes in a sustainable yet at the same time cost effective way. So how? Through wood and pellet appliances with high efficiency and low emissions, certified quality wood fuels, and installations and maintenance carried out to very high standards.

In short, that which has always been an integral part of the Palazzetti mission.

We invite you to follow the evolution of the project through your social media networks, but of course also through ours!

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