Good news for Italian lifestyles: environmental sustainability is finally in fashion. This is what emerges from the fifth National Observatory on sustainable lifestyles, a survey conducted annually by LifeGate in collaboration with Eumetra MR.

The results of the Observatory

The survey, sponsored by the European Commission, the Ministry of the Environment, the Lombardy Region, the Municipality of Milan, Assolombarda and Confcommercio, was conducted on a sample of 800 individuals, representative of the adult population currently living in mainland Italy. The results were presented on 27th March in Milan, where several individuals who accepted the challenge of environmental sustainability shared their stories on stage. The data showed that 34 million Italians are now very conscious of this issue, with a higher incidence among women aged between 35 and 54 years, with a good level of education and professionally active. 32% of the population is attentive to environmental sustainability as a whole and has a complete understanding of it. Percentages on more specific issues are increasing:
  • 89% consider awareness campaigns on sea pollution “very relevant”;
  • 97% believe that action is needed to limit the use of plastics;
  • 92% say they always dispose of their household waste using recycling bins;
  • 77% use energy saving household appliances;
  • 34% consume organic food;
  • 17% use sustainable clothing;
  • 47% say they choose renewable energy;
  • 79% are willing to use LED bulbs;
  • 52% buy organic products as part of their shopping;
  • 23% are willing to choose hybrid or electric cars, even if the cost is higher.
sostenibilita ambientale_osservatorio These are positive figures, which give us hope and in fact Renato Mannheimer of Eumetra MR commented on the results with these words: “Interest in sustainability shown in the last 5 years has grown considerably and has been consolidated in the last year, demonstrating that it is no longer just a trend but a real cultural change”. This change in thinking is also encouraged by new regulations, such as recent restrictions on emission levels from fireplaces. On the subject of reduced emissions, if you bought a Palazzetti unit years ago, you can easily adapt it to the most stringent regulations thanks to O2Ring technology, which reduces up to 80% of the pollutants found in combustion fumes, does not consume electricity and furthermore improves the performance of the firebox: find out more by clicking here now!

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