Boosted by government incentives, the number of heat pumps purchased in recent years has grown significantly, hitting record sales in 2022.

Nevertheless, it is useful to know that by itself a heat pump can only work at its best in ideal conditions, such as in modern, low energy consumption homes.  The energy efficiency of old, non-renovated buildings can drop drastically when the gap between the “start temperature” (outdoor) and the “finish temperature” gets bigger.  More simply put: if the outdoor temperature is very low, a heat pump may not operate at its best, ultimately resulting in an increase in energy costs.

This is where stoves and fireplaces come into the picture as infallible tools for the creation of a combined heating system:  a heat pump can meet basic requirements while a biomass appliance satisfies the need for a higher temperature in the home.

This is clearly a simplified explanation because the addition of a stove or fireplace doesn’t just result in lower energy bills during the winter.  And today we would like to explain why.

What other benefits can an integrated system offer?

1. The beauty of a blazing fire

The comfort, additional heat and emotions connected to a crackling fire cannot be replicated by other heating systems.

The fire produced by a stove or fireplace can immediately create a dreamy atmosphere which is ideal for a romantic meal, a relaxing evening in perfect hygge style or a convivial time with your family.

2.   The design factor

Contrarily to other heating products, stoves and fireplaces are actual designer pieces that can add personality to any space.

Above all, a fireplace can give you the chance to create extremely customised projects including bespoke claddings that can fit in perfectly with your home decor (have you already checked out our bespoke service?) But that’s not all: technological fireboxes such as our Ecopalex  can even give period surrounds a new lease of life with no need for intrusive masonry work.

How about stoves? Stoves can also add a design feature while letting you choose both the colour and the material of the cladding and as well as the actual shape of the stove.

3.   The perfect solution for chilly days

It’s not always possible to turn on the heating in the early days of autumn or when winter is coming to a close, either because of local regulations or because of the expense this entails. On the other hand, a stove or fireplace can be ignited quickly and can provide targeted heating for your home.

By combining biomass stoves and fireplaces with heat pumps you can strike a perfect balance between tradition and technology, creating the type of heat that delivers a blend of comfort, design and good vibrations.

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