It can no longer be considered a passing fad. In recent years, the industrial chic style has conquered even the most traditional souls and has once again been confirmed this year as one of the 2018 furniture trends. The popularity of industrial design can be put down to its balanced combination of vintage and contemporary styles.  An irresistibly harmonious design blend. This year, cold metal and bulky materials such as cement are moving out and making room for warm wood and exposed brickwork. An antique-effect atmosphere with a Scandinavian touch mixes with contemporary complementary items in a pleasant harmony of contrasts. That’s how industrial style becomes chic!

The origins of Industrial furniture

This style appeared in the Fifties just as lofts started to become all the rage. In New York, former factories and old warehouses were turned into homes. These were particularly popular amongst personalities from the art world who furnished them as if they were actual art galleries. From the Eighties the industrial style spread to major European cities dedicated to contemporary art such as London, Berlin and Barcelona. That’s how the furniture and combinations that influenced the interior design world for all the following decades were born. In fact, in recent years this trend has established itself as a style suitable for any type of home, often contaminated by other styles such as the country or Scandinavian one.

A matter of personality

Places with a background are always fascinating, that’s for sure. A building converted for residential use has all the charm of a place that has a story to tell. A new story can be told by adding contemporary furnishings with a totally personal touch to them. The choice of materials is of fundamental importance for industrial design because that’s what gives any home the charm of history in a timeless atmosphere. When you think of the industrial chic style, large, open spaces dedicated to the reception room come to mind, but it doesn’t stop there. Industrial design can also be found in the kitchen and bathroom. It’s a young, informal style that suits any context. What really counts is your own personal touch.

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