If you love nature and want to make your home feel cosier and more natural, a houseplant is just what you need. In this article we present some of the most beautiful, easy-to-grow and trendy species this year: the most sustainable design element ever!


The philodendron has large, glossy leaves that create an exotic and cosy effect. Tropical plants with large leaves are the main trend of 2023 and will surely accompany us in the years to come: they decorate and help purify the air. You can choose from various species, such as the filodendron erubescens, with its vibrant red hues, or the filodendron monstera, with decorative, perforated leaves. There are also many other varieties boasting different colours and sizes.


Nel 2023 la specie prediletta è il Pothos Neon, per le sue foglie dai toni dorati

Pothos is a very popular ornamental plant due to it being easy to grow and its beauty. It grows well both in pots and hanging baskets and can also climb on supports or walls. It is a plant that tolerates low light and irregular watering well, and is known for its air-purifying properties, capable of absorbing harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene. Precisely for this reason it is also often used in bathrooms.

In 2023 the favourite species is Pothos Neon, for its golden-coloured leaves.


Echeveria has thick, fleshy leaves that form symmetrical rosettes. Leaf colours vary from green to blue, pink, purple and grey – ideal for those who like pastel colours! It’s an easy plant to grow, requiring little water and plenty of sunlight. It also adapts well to small pots, ideal for the windowsill or bookshelf.


The Dracaena – or ‘friendship tree’ – has long, narrow green, red or yellow leaves and can reach heights of several metres. It is easy to grow indoors in pots, as long as it receives enough light and water. Some varieties, such as Dracaena Fragrans, are also able to purify the air of toxic substances such as benzene and formaldehyde.

These four plants can adapt to any type of environment, regardless of the architectural and furnishing style chosen. In fact, their popularity is due to the large number of variations of each one: there is a colour and size for everyone!

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