Sofas with sinuous shapes, circular decorations on the walls, swimming pools and round bar islands:  2022 interior design will be characterized by curves.

This is what Pinterest is saying too, having once again studied the behaviour of its users in order to anticipate the trends of the year that has just begun.

So what searches did people make to give us this result? At the top of the list we find:

  • Round pool ideas +170%
  • Round sofa for living room +3x
  • Curved interior walls +4x
  • Design for round bars +140%
  • Curved kitchen peninsulas +3x

In short, it’s time to flip through some vintage magazines to be inspired by the curvy shapes of the past: the rounded corners of the 1920s, the rounded upholstery of the 1950s and the pop furniture of the 1960s.

Some of the most iconic curved design pieces of all time come from this last decade: the Chimera (Magistretti, 1966) and Arco (Castiglioni, 1962) lamps, the Panton chair (1960) and the Tube Chair (Colombo, 1969).

Left: Ecofire® Elisabeth water pellet stove; right: Ecofire® Melita air pellet stove.

When we talk about stoves, the trend for curved shapes has been with us for some time now, whether it’s wood or pellet, air or hydro products. The rounded door allows for a more scenic view of the flame, giving a less austere and more modern feel to the entire space. Melita, Nina, Inès, Elisabeth, Jackie… there are so many models in Palazzetti’s Ecofire® range to choose from!

And what about fireplaces?

The trend in this area seems to be the exact opposite: stop sinuous lines, curves and convex glass. The only “round” elements allowed are the logs of wood ready to burn in the hearth.

However, if you are looking for a retro style, a custom made design is ideal: you can choose to customize every detail, both in terms of the shape and the finishing.

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