No, you’re not daydreaming: our Self Cleaning System really keeps its promises!

The stove automatically cleans itself: all you have to do is empty the ash pan.

And there’s even more! Thanks to the Self Cleaning System your stove’s performance stays constantly high over time.

Cleaning Palazzetti stoves: a continuously evolving process

Making your stove easier to use has always been one of Palazzetti’s priorities.

It all started years ago with our Speedy Clean technology which simplifies ordinary cleaning operations as much as possible without having to remove parts of the stove or use special tools. Just pull out and clean the large ash pan and its housing to enjoy a perfectly efficient stove at all times.

But our Self Cleaning System goes one step further: let’s look into the details of how it works.

It’s an automatic system that simultaneously empties the burn pot and cleans the heat exchangers. Firstly, the burn pot is overturned so that the ash falls into the underlying pan, after which a special comb-shaped system scrapes away any ash residues in the ash pan. In the meantime, the heat exchangers are “scraped” clean by the turbulators which – thanks to repeated vertical movements – clean their walls.

All these steps offer various advantages that must not be underestimated.

The burn pot self-cleaning system reduces harmful emissions while increasing the stove’s safety of use and making it quicker to ignite.

The heat exchanger self-cleaning system, an innovation by Palazzetti, improves the stove’s efficiency so that you save on your home’s heating bills.

Choosing pellets to improve your stove’s efficiency

We’ve already talked about performance; we would now like to add some advice to make sure your stove works exactly as it should, the temperature inside your home is exactly as you like it and also to ensure constant savings.

We’re going to talk about pellets!

The more technologically evolved a stove is, the more the quality of the pellets used becomes a fundamental issue.

If you use poor-quality pellets which, admittedly, you can usually find at a low price, the quantity of post–combustion ash increases and this may prevent the burn pot from functioning properly thus reducing the airflow fundamental for optimal combustion.

On the other hand, if you burn good-quality pellets, you will have fewer waste products in the burn pot and this will enhance the performance of the Self Cleaning System.

For instance, ENplus certified pellets set standard ash levels for each quality class. More specifically, class ENplus A1 corresponds to a very low residue set by the certification scheme: just 0.6% of the dry substance.

This results in even better performances. Your stove may even amaze you!

Because we at Palazzetti love daydreaming, but we definitely prefer real-life results.

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