Do you have a passion for plants, but your cat prefers to think of them as an interesting snack or a fun pastime? Then this article is just the thing for you. Although cats are notoriously independent animals and practically impossible to tame, you can solve this problem by being a little bit cunning: just find out which plants co-exist best with your beloved furry friend.

Which plants to choose

There are some types of plants that cats really do not approve of. The most repellent tend to be aromatic, with very strong smells. Rosemary, lavender, garlic, chilli pepper, lemongrass and citrus fruit trees are an excellent choice if you want to ensure that your balcony is always lush with vegetation.

Other remedies for saving your plants from cats

If you want to try to save all your pots from your kitten’s claws, then there are a few tricks you can try, even if it may seem impossible. There are basically three techniques:
  • Use scent that your cat doesn’t like. If the least attractive plants for cats are those with a very strong smell, it goes without saying that one solution to save other types of plants is to alter their scent. So how to achieve this? There are a number of different methods which are all very simple: put citrus peel on top of the soil or other strong smelling things such as cotton wool balls soaked in essential oil of rosemary.
  • Recycling coffee grounds. Even the leftovers from your mocha work well as a In the case of plants such as hydrangeas, mimosas, lilies and ferns (ie all plants that prefer acidic soils) there will be a double advantage because coffee also acts as a natural fertilizer.
  • Create barriers. A solution that requires a little more manual work and creativity is the arrangement of stones, fir cones or a net at the base of the plant so as to prohibit your cat from digging in the ground. Just be aware, however, that these objects could be seen as other toys to play with or could even become a danger.
salvare-le-piante-dal-gatto - vaso rotto

….and how to protect your cat!

It’s all very well to save your plants, but if you live with a cat you’ll have to be careful not to choose plants which could be poisonous to your feline friend. Cyclamen, Dragon trees, Poinsettias, Lilies, Ivy, Holly and 4 O’Clock flowers (Mirabilis) are therefore best avoided. If you want to give your cat a very special gift, catnip is just the thing to send him into raptures! Nepeta cataria has leaves that are not very sharp, so therefore not dangerous and contains an enticing substance for cats, because it is similar to their pheromones.

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