Do you think spring is the most beautiful season of the year because you can use your barbecue again at last? In that case we are sure you have already started to think about cleaning and lighting your barbecue! 

Oh dear, what’s that? Did you find some cracks that weren’t there last year as soon as you removed the cover? Don’t panic, we have the right tools to fix them

Palazzetti’s special Easy Fix glue

In the first place, rest assured that you haven’t been accidentally struck by bad luck: it’s totally normal for a cement barbecue to require ordinary maintenance once a year! 

We therefore suggest you always keep a few, indispensable products at home to restore your barbecue to its former beauty and functionality. 

The most important of all is Easy Fix, a silicone adhesive purposely-designed for our cooking products. Its main feature is that it stays elastic even when exposed to heat.  The barbecue’s structure therefore follows the natural expansion produced by the sudden changes in temperature that typically occur when the product is being used, thus minimising the risk of cracks forming. 

Its resistance is unmatchable, especially in the open air: it withstands UV radiations, wind, rain and chemical agents.  And it can even be sanded and painted!

Quartz-based paint: an authentic beauty treatment

When performing ordinary maintenance it’s also important to coat your barbecue with protective, quartz-based paint. This paint is very elastic and must be applied in at least two coats amounting to a total thickness of 2-3 mm. It is essential for waterproofing the structure and to protect it from bad weather conditions while ensuring that the parts remain flexible when subjected to expansion.  The white colour will restore your barbecue’s initial sheen so that it will look like it has just been installed!

You can use our transparent protective liquid for Marmotech or mass-coloured cement parts: it makes them waterproof (making it quick and easy to clean up after you have cooked your favourite food!), protects them from bad weather conditions and makes tops look even more beautiful!

There are just three steps to follow for the ordinary maintenance of your barbecue:

  1. If there are some narrow cracks, apply a generous amount of the special Easy Fix adhesive by Palazzetti in Giardino on the parts concerned, let it dry and sand down any excess;
  2. Paint your barbecue using the Palazzetti in Giardino quartz-based paint;
  3. Apply Palazzetti in Giardino’s transparent protective liquid to Marmotech or mass-coloured parts.  

Cracks: how can you avoid them?

Cracks form for various reasons but, with a little care, they can be avoided. How? Just follow our suggestions!

  • Read the information laid out in the article Instructions for perfect barbecue assembly.
  • Cover your barbecue during the cold season or when you won’t be using it for a long time: you can find the cover that best suits your model in our range of accessories! 
  • Use the right quantity of fuel and never use firewood on a barbecue designed for charcoal.

To ensure that your barbecue enjoys a long life we suggest preventing the onset of cracks by performing periodic maintenance: prevention is much better than cure!

Taking care of your barbecue with our assembly and maintenance products

The right accessories can take perfect care of your barbecue so that it will continue to be at your side for a multitude of lunches, dinners and other unforgettable moments.

If, on the other hand, your BBQ has already provided many years of faithful service and you are looking for a new one, discover Palazzetti in Giardino and get ready for many a season of tasty BBQs!

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