Water is a precious resource that we tend to take for granted. Nevertheless, water scarcity is a growing problem and the periods of drought of recent years are tangible proof of that.

Not wasting water is the first small step towards preserving our water supply, a truly limited resource in many parts of the world. And on a personal level? Reducing water consumption helps you keep your bills down, allowing you to use the money saved for other, more pleasurable things.

In this article we have gathered some useful tips, starting with daily life at home.

1. Use low water consumption appliances

The first tip is choosing low water consumption electrical appliances and fittings. Installing a dual flush WC can for example considerably reduce water consumption, every time you flush. Choosing higher energy efficiency class washing machines and dishwashers can help save a significant amount of water (and energy) in the long term.

2. Carry out  maintenance and repairs immediately

Even a small leak can lead to considerable waste over time. So it’s important to check pipes and taps and repair them immediately. Regular maintenance will help keep your plumbing efficient, reducing water waste in your home. Pay special attention to the garden. It’s often difficult to notice a dripping hose or a faulty automatic irrigation system.

3. Optimize water use in the kitchen

There are several things you can do to reduce water waste in the kitchen. A good practice is to reuse water for washing fruit and vegetables to water the plants. Furthermore, if you wash dishes by hand, remember to put the plug in the sink and leave them to soak rather than only using running water. Generally, new generation dishwashers in a higher energy efficiency class consume less water than hand washing dishes.

4. Reduce water flow when you are washing

When you brush your teeth, wash your face or shave, turn the tap off when you don’t need water (for example while you are soaping yourself). Keep showers to a reasonably short time. These simple actions are not part of everyone’s daily routine, but they can significantly reduce our daily water consumption.

5. Efficient watering in the garden

Make sure you water your garden in the cooler hours of day to minimize evaporation. (It will be better for your veg patch too!)  Use efficient irrigation systems that can be programmed to water the roots of plants that need it.

Another intelligent way of avoiding water waste is to collect rainwater. Install water butts to collect rainwater in your garden and use it for irrigation and outdoor cleaning. This not only reduces your drinking water consumption but will also help reduce the pressure on the local water supply.

Reducing water waste in the home is essential for preserving water supplies, saving money and protecting the environment. We can all help preserve this vital resource for future generations, just by making small changes to our daily habits and installing water saving devices.

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