Does summer mean ongoing al fresco barbecuing for you? In that case, it will be very important to carefully protect your barbecue during the winter months: only proper care will, in fact, guarantee that your inseparable, red-hot friend will benefit from a long and hassle-free life.

What first step can you take to give it the best possible protection? Get yourself the right cover, such as the Protective Cover produced by Palazzetti in Giardino.

Palazzetti’s solutions to protect your barbecue

You can find a whole host of ideas to customise your barbecue to suit your taste as well as everything you need to assemble and take care of it in the vast range of Palazzetti in Giardino accessories.

For instance, the price of each model includes a Kit of materials to install and finish unfinished BBQs which should be used during the assembly phase of your barbecue. Once you have finished installing it you can choose lots of options to add a personal touch to your BBQ, as well as a whole set of practical and functional utensils to use in the various steps such as the preparation of hot coals, cooking and cleaning up. One of these is the very useful Set of wall-hung utensils.

And when winter comes? One of the first rules to follow to preserve its beauty and functionality over time is to protect it properly during the winter. That’s why we offer four different sizes of protective covers for Palazzetti barbecues.

These covers are made specifically to perfectly adapt to each type of barbecue. You can choose maxi sizes suitable for various large cement barbecues which are perfect to cover even the biggest BBQs equipped with wood-burning ovens.

There are also smaller sizes that are a better fit for more compact gas or wood barbecues. By the way, if your model comes on castors, we suggest you move it to a sheltered place to protect it even further during the winter.

This type of protection – that shelters it from bad weather – will ensure that your barbecue benefits from an exceptionally long life.

If you should notice that it is slightly damaged regardless of all the care you have taken of it, don’t worry! You can always consult our practical guide “How to repair any cracks in your barbecue?”or seek advice from the experts in our selected Palazzetti in Giardino stores!

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