Have you just brought a dog home to your family? If you’re ready to give it all the love in the world but you don’t think you have the right space for it, this is the place where you can find all the tips you need to prepare a dog-proof home.
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Household hazards

When you are getting your home ready for a puppy it’s important to check for possible household danger hazards. Let’s take a look at what you should look out for to make your home dog-proof.
  • Rubbish. Pets are very attracted to rubbish, especially when they are young. Remember to keep your trash out of reach, not just to prevent your pet from scattering it all over the place but also because, if ingested, its contents may be dangerous for your pet.
  • Toxic food. Not all the food we eat is good for our pets so remember to keep things like chocolate, grapes and onions out of their reach. Store them inside cupboards so you are sure they are out of the way.
  • Chemical substances. The same is true for any other toxic substances around the home. Put any bottles of pesticides, medicines and detergents on the topmost shelves or in a shut cupboard.
  • Plants. If you have green fingers you probably already know that some plants can be poisonous for pets. Since they tend to attract our four-legged friends, it’s unadvisable to plant them in or around your home.
  • Electric wires. Pets also seem to find electric wires irresistible. To make your home dog-proof we suggest you hide any cables and keep your appliances in a safe place as well!
Now that you know how to overcome major domestic danger hazards you can let your new puppy into the house. Winter evenings will have a completely different atmosphere: enjoy pleasant moments in your living room together with your dog while it wags its tail, happily revelling in the warmth of your stove. Incidentally, if in addition to the love of a puppy you are looking for the warmth of a new stove, why not visit the new Palazzetti website where you can find just the right one for you:check it out now! In copertina: Stufa a legna Palazzetti -Elsa aria

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