After a long day at work, what could be better than relaxing at home on your sofa, watching your favourite TV series or a good film, the type that transports you into a different world so that you can forget all the stress of the day? If you want everything to be perfect though there are a few things to remember: let’s see how we can organise your TV area in the best way possible together.


The first thing you should think about when planning a TV area is the lighting. That’s because the wrong light can tire you eyes and ruin your precious, relaxing moments. Try to avoid excessive contrasts between the light coming from the screen and your ambient lighting. The first thing you can do is place a suffused light lamp near your TV set (this is also a nice, decorative accessory for your living room area). If you have a small living room and don’t want to add any additional accessories to it , you can optimise your space by choosing a lamp with a dimmer so that you can adjust the intensity of the light as needed. Another alternative are led light strips that can be hung behind the TV to achieve even, radial lighting. You can choose from many different ideas: the important thing to prevent tired eyes is to avoid watching TV in a totally dark room. organizzare-la-zona-tv

The height and distance

For optimal vision that preserves your eyes and posture the position of your TV is also important. In the first place, consider the height of your eyes when you are watching the TV from your sofa or armchair: the screen should be 1/3 above the trajectory of your eyes and 2/3 below it. How about the distance? This is also easy to calculate (and is very important to prevent eye strain!). Measure the diagonal of your screen and multiply iy by about two: this is the ideal distance.
App Palazzetti e Stufa a pellet Ecofire Anna

Lastly, the temperature

To really relax when watching TV it’s not enough to achieve the utmost comfort in terms of eyesight and ergonomics: it’s also important to be pampered by the right temperature (especially for those of you who are particularly sensitive to the cold!). If you install a  pellet stove Palazzetti, you can switch it on and off and adjust the temperature directly from your phone using the special Appchoose your ideal temperature from the comfort of your sofa, it’s as easy as changing your TV channel!

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