An empty wall, let’s face it, can look really sad. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to turn it into a real design feature!

But taking a few posters, framing them and arming yourself with a hammer and nails is not enough to get a good result: you need to be patient and do a bit of research.

Choosing the style of paintings, prints and photographs

Decorating a wall is obviously a design choice, for which style is a primary factor.

First of all, it is necessary to evaluate the furniture and furnishings already present in the room: do they have a rustic feel? Do they evoke a retro atmosphere? Or, rather, are they super-modern?

The pictures you choose should reflect the same style or create a pleasant contrast.

For a contemporary, minimalist space, it might be interesting, for example, to use very colourful prints with geometric lines. If the décor is boho-chic or eclectic, a group of black and white photographs could fit elegantly with the overall design.

There are two basic rules: what is framed must look good and fit in with the design of the room.

How to plan your wall

Start by studying the wall well and doing some trials on paper or the computer.

How? You can make some drawings, print out a photograph to scale and stick on some post-it notes or use one of the many free design tools available on-line.

This way you’ll work out how to use the space creatively and elegantly.

Stufa a pellet Elisabeth Palazzetti, bianca e nera con lato stondato. Sala da pranzo con ampia vetrata che dà sul giardino e arredamento scandi con tavolo bianco e sedie in legno e paglia intrecciata.
Palazzetti’s Elisabeth stove

There is no actual precise rule for hanging pictures. However, here are some ideas:

  • ordered chaos with focus – place the largest picture in the centre and the others in a radial pattern around it;
  • wave – place the larger pictures on the outside and create a sort of wave with the smaller ones on the inside;
  • picture gallery – choose pictures of exactly the same size, to be hung perfectly in line horizontally or vertically;
  • alignment – choose whether to align the pictures up, down or sideways and position them accordingly;
  • corner – use the pictures to frame a particular piece of furniture, such as the headboard of a bed or the area above the sofa.

Here are some interesting ideas to copy, to turn your wall into a real work of art!

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