There are lots of ways to define “classic” furniture. Some people see it as a combination of marble, elegant mouldings and velvet. Others connect the classic style to wood, inlays and impressive chandeliers. There’s no right or wrong in this context.

New Classic on the other hand refers to a style which has, in part, already been codified and is increasingly more trend-setting.  It’s a design that is more based on guidelines that on actual rules and is open to interpretations and to the needs of those inhabiting the home.

The New Classic style is a clever blend of opposites.

The Marianne pellet stove, with a red steel finish and a glass door

The main features of the New Classic style

1. Vintage vs. Modern

The New Classic style has two souls: a traditional and a contemporary one. You can decide to add a contemporary touch to classic furniture by adding modern occasional furnishings (such as a designer lamp like the one in the photo above), or, alternatively, you can choose minimalist furniture and enrich it with vintage accessories. 

In some cases, the room itself may be traditional, perhaps because of its flooring (e.g. an Italian-style herringbone parquet or typical, Venetian-style composite terrazzo flooring ) or because of the type of wall decorations:  in rooms like these it’s always advisable to add a modern touch by means of the accessories or with artwork, taking care not to create harsh contrasts.

2. Neutral shades vs. coloured accents

The basic colour palette should always be natural, either light or dark. Brighter colours should be added to this backdrop, in line with your tastes. Red, gold and green create a luxury effect while neon or electric shades create a more contemporary mood.

3. Yes to minimalism, no to frills

The New Classic style hates frippery: choose just a small amount of decorations and accessories.

Coffee tables should be in glass, marble or have gilt metal trims; pair them with large chandeliers with a distinctive and typical design.

Some other distinguishing feature? A fireplace, better still with a vintage-style surround which should be in marble.

Caminetto Palazzetti con rivestimento Siena in pietra bianca bocciardata, in salotto con parquet in legno e divano color crema.
Palazzetti Siena cladding, in bushhammered white stone

Are you looking for more inspiration? Here are some ideas we have selected for you!

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