During that magical time that goes from the end of April to the beginning of October, what could be better than enjoying a barbecue with friends? Days are warmer, your spirits high and there’s always a good excuse for a get-together.

At such times a barbecue is a must-have, but how can you choose the right one?

Before thinking about the design of your barbecue, you should ask yourself three basic questions to decide which product category best suits your requirements.

3 cose da sapere per scegliere un barbecue: posizionamento, tipologia e combustibile.

Where will I put my barbecue?

Sometimes we make choices without taking the space factor into proper account. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most important aspects to consider because your choice depends a lot on the position of your BBQ.

Consider the following aspects when choosing a position:

  1. The distance: The barbecue’s chimney must be at a distance of at least 6 metres from trees, buildings or other vertical obstacles.
  2. The base:
It must be large, compact, solid and such as to allow you to keep your feet dry in any season.
  3. The climate: The BBQ must be protected from water at all times.

What type of fuel should I use?

Wood, charcoal or gas? These three different fuels must be carefully considered before choosing your barbecue.

A gas BBQ is definitely the best option for those looking for a practical product that turns on quickly and can be used straight away.

A wood barbecue gives food a more distinctive flavour and is therefore the best choice for those who love classic, grilled food. It is important to remember that it takes longer to light and you need some extra space to store logs.

Lastly, charcoal is a compromise between the other two options: it’s easy to light, burns slowly and is suitable for beginners who want to cook without unpleasant surprises.

Which type of barbecue should I choose?

This is the last (but not least) factor to consider when making a choice. There are lots of barbecue models that differ in terms of many of their characteristics. Let’s look at the most important ones so that you already know what you want when you contact your favourite retailer.

  1. Barbecue with or without a hood?
    We recommend the type with a hood for a garden barbecue: it’s better at handling more complex cooking processes and at getting rid of smoke. Since it’s smaller, a hoodless barbecue is advisable for those who want to install it on a terrace or in a small space.
  2. Side or front brazier?
    Compact barbecues, suitable for small spaces, usually have a front brazier.  A side brazier is more practical though: it makes it easier to handle the hot coals and makes the reflected heat more bearable.
  3. Should I just stick to my BBQ or add other modules?
    In this case the choice depends on two factors: the space available and your cooking requirements. Once you have chosen the size of the BBQ you can decide whether to add other modules such as an oven, a sink or a hob to it. Thanks to Palazzetti’s modular systems you can create a real, customised outdoor kitchen tailored to your needs!

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