Have you just bought a new barbecue for the summer season or are you ready to use your old and trusted one again? The time has come to go one step further and make your next barbecue party the best ever: here are a few tips to prepare perfect hot coals!

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How can I prepare hot coals from wood?

Let’s start from the basics:  we’re sure you all know that to prepare hot coals the wood must be perfectly dry. The second rule regards the size of the wood: it must always be prepared in small pieces.

Are you ready? If you have followed the first two rules it’s now time to light the fire and prepare your hot coals. It’s really easy, even a beginner can do it:

  1. Place some crumpled sheets of newspaper on the BBQ floor or – if you prefer – some inflammable liquid or resinous fire lighter cubes that can be easily found on the market.
  2. Add a layer of dry wood, selecting only the smallest pieces.
  3. Place some larger pieces on top, which will be used to make the actual hot coals.

This will be even easier if your barbecue has a firewood holder because you will be able to produce hot coals non-stop and cook for longer!

Your hot coals will be ready when they are covered with a light dusting of ash.

How can I prepare hot coals from charcoal?

The charcoal lighting process is similar to the instructions provided for wood but it will take a little more effort on your side.

  1. Place some ecological fire lighter cubes made from plant-based resin on the BBQ floor.
  2. Add a layer of charcoal.
  3. After having lit it, wave some newspaper vigorously up and down because charcoal requires lots of oxygen to burn.

Before starting to cook your food make sure that the fire lighter cubes have completely burned out to avoid bad odours from transferring to your food. In this case too, the hot coals will be ready when a light dusting of ash has formed on the layer below the grill.

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