With the arrival of spring, don’t you feel the desire to fill your house, balcony and garden with flowers? The intoxicating scent, that extra touch of colour… a touch of vitality and romance that you can’t do without. Even when it comes to dried or artificial flowers, because let’s face it: nowadays not everyone has time (or green fingers!) to dedicate to gardening and floriculture. A beautiful flower, however, also requires a suitable vase, which works perfectly with your home decor and your taste. Why not create it yourself? Today we’ll give you some DIY ideas on upcycling materials that would normally go in the recycling!

5 ways to create homemade vases

Vasi fai da te di primavera con bastoncini in legno
Project © Boho and Nordic

Out of wood

I fell in love with this idea at first glance, perhaps because of a sort of nostalgia for childhood. Doesn’t the cover also remind you of the pieces of wood that we used during music lessons in primary schools? The idea for this homemade vase is really stylish and goes perfectly with Nordic-style furniture. All you have to do is cover a glass jar with small wooden sticks, which you can find in the gardening section of DIY stores for just a few euros.
Vaso fai da te di primavera da cartone del latte
Project © Rosy and Grey

Out of a milk carton

Let’s face it, milk cartons with a screw on lid are a real nuisance when it comes to recycling: who wants (and has time) to separate tetrapak cartons from their lids? Well, with this idea it will no longer be necessary, because your vase will be the milk carton! The idea is really simple: paint the whole carton with acrylic paint and decorate it using a permanent marker!
Vaso fai da te per la primavera da boccetta vuota di profumo
Project © A bit of bees knees

Out of a perfume bottle

If you’re like me, every time you finish a perfume you’d like to keep the bottle, especially if it’s one with an iconic design like the one above. So why not reuse it? To do this you’ll need to cut the glass (literally), so be careful!
Vasi fai da te in carta per la primavera
Project © Papershape

Out of paper

Really? Well, yes. In this case, your homemade vase is a disposable outer layer for the “real” glass vase, hidden underneath. Want to create one? You can find a printable pdf with the instructions by clicking the link in the caption in the photo!
Project © Craftidea

Glass and paint

After your next dinner at home, collect up the empty wine bottles. You can use them as vases by simply painting them with white or coloured paint. The cut-out on the bottom will also allow you to keep an eye on how much water is left. Do you want a balcony that’s always green and blooming? In our guide you’ll find lots of tips!

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