Everybody is singing Jingle Bells, shop windows and roads are brightly lit, people are busy buying presents: can you tell Xmas is on the way? Unless you’ve already finished, now is the time to start creating the right atmosphere at home too. We would like to give you some tips on how to make beautiful, creative and original homemade Xmas decorations!
ghirlanda di natale con tappi di sughero
Photo © Maomir
It may be too late to collect enough corks but don’t worry, you can easily find them at a DIY store.   To make this lovely garland all you need are lots of patience, some wire, a hot glue gun and plenty of creativity!
candele natalizie in barattoli in vetro
Project © Mason Jar Crafts Love
Glass jars are a must-have for DIY projects: in the above example you can see how they are transformed into two, beautiful Xmas candles using some matt paint for a decorative finish.
stella di natale fai da te in legno
Progetto © Papelisimo
If you prefer a more rustic style, this is the project for you: all you need are 5 wooden sticks, gold paint and some string! You can paint your Xmas star in your favourite colour so that it fits in perfectly with your home décor.
Progetto © AR Revista
Music lovers can let themselves be inspired by these paper Xmas trees: don’t tear any pages out of your music book though, just print your scores onto parchment-coloured card. You can use the same idea to make Xmas tree decorations: just add some ribbons to hang them instead of using wooden pedestals.
Progetto © Two Sisters Crafting
Baubles are a must at Xmas. The example above shows them covered with beads in different sizes but you can decorate them in lots of different ways: paint them, cover them with fabric, make them shimmer with glitter or even light them up!

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