Like every beginning of the year, 2020 brings with it – for each and every one of us – a whole lot of intentions and expectations. The desire to do something new, to change old habits, to meet new people, to explore unchartered territory. In short: the desire to change. Have you already made a list of home furnishing trends for 2020?

Our individual resolutions are (almost always) also accompanied by changes in our surroundings. And the first thought obviously goes to the place where we spend most of the day: our home. A wardrobe to change, curtains of another colour to make a break from the past. A new sofa or whatever else it may be. Changing the whole mood of a house is difficult, unless you intend turning it completely upside down.

There are some trends in interior design that we recommend exploring in depth. Either because you want to give your home that stylish, fashionable touch, or because you want to have a functional place which is always fresh and dynamic.

Like last year, this year we will show you some trends, which you can follow if you decide to give your home a touch of something new.

Home furnishing
A wall in Classic Blue? Why not?

Blue space (but not only)

There are those who say that in 2020 we will see the consecration of pale colours in home interiors. Others on the other hand insist that the future will be houses with dark, intense and severe features. So who’s right? Everyone and no one.

Certainly, after the years in which a bright airy mood has been favoured, there is perhaps now a return to darker shades. The Pantone Color Institute‘s choice is proof of this: for 2020 Classic Blue has been decreed the colour of the year. Prioritizing furnishings and accessories in these shades implies the creation of a calm and peaceful mood at home. For those who want a relaxing home, there is no better choice.

Psychedelic walls!

Who said that a wall has to be painted and hung with pictures or photos? Nothing could be further from the truth. For example: the new and stylish 3D wallpapers literally give your living room another dimension.

Certainly no less chic (on the contrary!) is another type of wall made of corrugated metal, capable of projecting your house directly into the year 2050!

Home furnishing
Marble and tiles everywhere!

… and for your bathroom?

The bathroom is now increasingly the focal point of the house. Whereas in the past focus on the bathroom was merely relative, now more and more people are paying closer attention to the design of this space.

The revival of themes from the past, with a contemporary twist, is the real focus around which bathroom trends are concentrated. So therefore a return of very white tiles or marble, combined with furnishing accessories in steel and iron; to delineate a bridge between a not so distant past and a very near future.

Tendenze dell'arredamento 2020 divano palazzetti
The sofa of the future? The one controlled by your voice.

Which sofa to place in front of your Palazzetti fireplace?

Sofas, not unlike other pieces of furniture, are highly influenced by technology. Modern home automation allows you to control many things just by the use of your voice (and we know a thing or two about this). One of the trends for this year will see us relying more and more on sofas that interact with your voice.

So: sofas that unravel, stretch, adjust their inclination, make headrests appear out of nowhere, raise or lower the armrests. Are you ready for all this technology?

The 2020 furniture trends have been set. Ready to redesign your home?

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