Have you decided to give your home a new look in 2022? Studying the latest trends is always a good place to start. They can inspire you and offer plenty of interesting ideas to give your favourite rooms a fresh new look.

Discover the main home furnishing trends of the moment with us!

“Specialist” rooms

After two years of lockdowns and reopenings, our homes have become even more important. Gardens, balconies and living rooms have turned into parks, restaurants, offices and gyms, to get around the limitations on going outside. The most recent lockdown didn’t put a stop to the latter two uses though. More and more people are turning the smallest rooms in their home (sometimes even a closet) into a home office or home gym, with an exercise bike, running machine or yoga gear.

cucina in stile scandinavo con mobili in legno e paraspruzzi con piastrelle esagonali
Foto © Hakim Santoso / Pexels

Scandi forever

Scandinavian design has been one of the major design trends of the past ten years all around the world. 2022 is not going to be any different and this style will mainly dominate in kitchen design. Clean lines on units, neutral colours, tiles and plenty of wood will feature. The aim is to create an appealing, well-organized room, with added warmth from candles and room fragrancers. The perfect accent pieces are intimate, monochrome objects like photographs (black and white or sepia) and small minimalist pictures in pastels or framed letters

caminetto bifacciale WT 16:9 Palazzetti
Il caminetto WT 16:9 Bifacciale ha 5 stelle di Prestazione Ambientale

Go Green

In colour, but most of all in spirit. In 2022, the importance of sustainability will, if that’s possible, be even more pronounced, and in every room of the home, from the choice of heating system to the kind of paint used on the walls.

So, it’s yes to emerald green chairs and sofas, grass green cushion and aquamarine lampshades, as long as they are made of environmentally sustainable materials that respect the environment in every phase of product life. What trend will you choose for your home? Tell us in the comments!

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