Everyone (or almost everyone!) likes to stay in hotels, but nothing beats the warmth and comfort of home. When hosting friends and relatives, it’s great to be able to recreate an ambience that brings together the best of both worlds: the tidiness and cleanliness of a hotel with the intimate and relaxed atmosphere of home.

The furnishings in the guest room obviously make a difference. A comfortable bed, a small table and a chair are the bare minimum in terms of functionality, but a few extra touches can render your guest’s stay that much more relaxing!

If you are expecting guests for the holidays or love having friends and relatives over, read our tips: guaranteed to be both effective and budget-friendly!

1.    Bath products and soft towels

Suitcases are already notoriously heavy: take this burden off your guest by providing them with shampoo, soap, shower gel and everything else they need. You can, for example, use a travel bath set and fill up the bottles with everything as needed.

Also don’t forget the towels: different sizes, clean and neatly folded on the bed upon arrival.

2.    Space in the wardrobe

We don’t all live in large villas or big 200 square metre flats. Often the guest room is a multi-use space: it becomes a study on working from home days, a place to hang laundry when it’s cold and a kind of walk-in wardrobe when it’s time to swap out our wardrobe at the end of the season.

When guests stay a few extra days, we need to provide them with some space so they can move around freely in the bedroom and take the most delicate clothes out of the suitcase. Free up some space in the wardrobe or provide them with a servomuto, to be used as needed.

3.    Water on the bedside table

Getting up at night to fetch some water can be embarrassing for some, for fear of disturbing the hosts. Put your guests at ease by leaving a bottle of water (preferably glass, more environmentally friendly!) and a glass on the bedside table.

4.    An easy to reach multi-socket plug

Smartphones, PCs, tablets, smartwatches, eBook readers… we live in a world where a nearby power outlet, especially at night, is essential. And often one is not enough. Make it easier for your friends by placing a multi-socket plug near the bed: they will thank you for it!

5.    Controlled temperature

Keep the heating and air-conditioning system monitored to provide your guests with the most comfortable temperature. If you have a Palazzetti fireplace with a stove pipe, for example, you can place the My Cli-Mate temperature sensor in the guest room to automatically have the desired temperature at all times!

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