Green is the ‘in’ word of 2019. Global pressure that has drawn attention to environmental issues, also involves how we live. Fresh trends, which focus above all on our well-being go hand in hand with how we recreate natural beauty, in harmony with shapes, colours and spaces helping us to achieve a higher quality of living.

A green ‘corner’ even in the smallest spaces

How do you recreate an indoor home forest, garden or green landscape that welcomes, relaxes, enchants, encourages meditation and self-discovery as well as furnishes your home? Not everyone has large empty spaces ready to be filled with greenery and believe me, surface area is not important. Nowadays designers are quite clear that even in small spaces you can do great things. Certain imaginative ideas that only a few years ago would have been considered too audacious, today fascinate us. One of these is vertical gardens. Space-saving and attractive, they can cover entire walls or act as a separè in the living area: quick and easy. Container modules (we can’t really call them plant pots because they are so much more) for plants and shrubs that are easily assembled and often come with their own irrigation system, therefore requiring virtually no maintenance. And then there are pots, available in thousands of different shapes and colours suitable for large plants, green branches, or leaves with an unusual “design”. Today it seems that greenery in our homes is even more appealing than flowers. Traditional terracotta pots which show off a high quality of workmanship can be used and assembled in different shapes and shades.

The right type and positioning of plants

The idea of a garden in our own home brings us back to oriental culture, which is strongly influenced by the concepts of balance and harmony. So we should remember that a ‘green corner’ in our home should help us to relax, enhancing our living space. Dimensions are important, but don’t overdo it. So if you’re ready to see how much your very own green corner can enhance your life, whether it’s something that doesn’t require much effort, a delicate design or more of an indoor jungle – the choice is yours. What’s important is choosing the right location and the right plants. For the position, there’s really only one rule for house plants: make sure they receive enough natural light to enable them to grow easily. For plants, it’s best to heed some basic advice: go for hardy plants, whether minimal or more dramatic it doesn’t really matter, as long as they are well looked after. The numerous shapes and sizes of leaves, their different shades of green, their height and even their symbolism provide plenty of inspiration amongst plant varieties. And here are three magical names, loved by designers and influencers: Sansaveria, Kenzia, Calathea. What these three plants have in common is the fact that they require very little care and are incredibly hardy, able to withstand little light and water. They also last for a long time as well as having beautiful leaves, which in the case of the Calathea have a stunning colour too. Indoor plants like these, and like many others help not only to decorate your home but add that personalized touch promoting a sense of relaxation and well-being. They even affect your home acoustics. It’s impossible to disagree. A house without plants isn’t a home.

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